July reflections & August Goals

Hi there everyone, welcome to a new month.

This is a weird August for me. The past few Augusts I was in school waiting on the dreaded letters from the SQA for exam results and it feels so relieving to not be dealing with that at all this year. I shouldn’t be too relieved as it is only another 5 weeks until I move away to university and then I have even more exams to deal with.

I have felt so, so drained this month – I think the constant working all day every day for the past few months has finally caught up on me and I feel ready to collapse all the time. I’m a waitress so I’m standing, running about on my feet for 10 hours every day and it is so beyond tiring. The tiredness I have been experiencing from work has affected my mood, obviously making it a lot worse than normal but I try to be as upbeat as I can.

Tiredness has also affected my productivity in terms of my goals. I failed more or less all my blogging goals. This is mainly because I don’t have enough free time at the minute to spend considerable amount of time working on my blog which is frustrating. I succeeded in a lot of small goals such as practising flat-lays, editing photos and budgeting my money better. I’m not too annoyed at myself for not completing my goals as I know how  busy and tired I am, and I really did try my best. There is no point in stressing about it right now because in just over a month I will have moved away and plan to spend plenty time working on my blog.

In last month’s post I also spent some time talking about cruelty free beauty and how I was making errors in my purchases. I have now given away all of my make up (except gifts and already opened/used products) to my mum and friends which feels good. I felt so incredibly guilty once I realised I had been buying and endorsing brands that test on animals. The most annoying thing about it was that I was making those purchases due to my own ignorance as the information is so easy to find. However, now I can look at all my make up with a clear conscience and be glad I am rid of my old make up.


A lot of my goals are going to be carried on from last month, so hopefully this month I will be working a little bit less and have some more time to focus on them.

Blogging Goals:

  1. Reach 1,000 monthly page views.
  2. Reach 200 blog followers.
  3. Join more blogging chats on twitter.
  4. Be more active on Facebook pages.
  5. Continue to promote my blog more often.

Personal Goals:

  1. Relax more – take baths, read books, use my colouring in book, meditate, yoga ect.
  2. Eat healthier and eat my 5 a day every day.
  3. Take more Polaroid photos.
  4. Spend more time with my family before I move away.

Social Media Goals:

  1. Schedule tweets.
  2. Schedule Instagram posts.
  3. Reach 900 followers on twitter.
  4. 1,300 followers on Instagram.
  5. 75 followers on Bloglovin.

So now you have heard the juicy info of how exciting my July was, I can’t wait for the end of being constantly exhausted. Here’s to a month of hopefully successfully meeting goals and investing more time into self care. I hope you all enjoyed reading this post and if you have any hints or tips about anything to help me meet my goals please let me know in the comments.

Siobhan x

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31 thoughts on “July reflections & August Goals”

  1. I love this sort of post! I love hearing people’s reflection on their months. My plan is to also try and eat healthier and drink more water x

    Kayleigh Zara 🌿www.kayleighzaraa.com

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  2. Good luck with all of your goals! I’m about to follow you on Twitter, so that’s one closer you’ll be to 900!

    And I think you’ve got the right attitude — don’t beat yourself up for not doing as much as you want, but celebrate all the hard work you DID do!


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  3. These are some great goals Siobhan, I especially love the idea of incorporating more self care into everyday life as it’s something I’m trying to do much more of! Good luck with all of your blogging and social media goals, I’m sure you’ll smash them! Xx

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  4. I really love the idea of setting monthly goals and looking back on them once the month is over. It’s a better way to progress and see where you’ve been as well as where you are going.

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  5. Good for you for going all cruelty free! I bet that feels so good!
    August last year was weird for me for the same reasons, but I’m sure everything will go smoothly with your transition to uni!

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  6. Aww I hope you feel better and more uplifted this month, lovely. Hopefully your personal goals will help you to be a bit less tired and a bit more about yourself! Great blogging goals too and I reckon joining the twitter chats will help you reach the others easier 🙂
    Alice Xx

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  7. I know exactly how you feel. Now it’s August I’m exhausted and think I need a proper break to recharge and come back fresh and motivated. I think you’ve got some great goals especially including ones that focus on things for yourself which is important xx

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  8. Although it’s already more than half way through August, I love reading other people’s goals. Thought I’d say that you shouldn’t feel guilty for the makeup products that were tested on animals – the good thing is that now you know, and you’ve taken action to prevent that from happening again! Also, I hope you’ve been able to find time to rest and take care of yourself!

    Natalie | http://nataliesalchemy.wordpress.com


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