Time for a catch up..

Hi everyone, it has been over a month since I wrote my last blog post which is crazy considering in the summer I had finally gotten into a good habit of posting weekly-ish. Who knew I’d have more free time working two jobs than I would as a student with no job? Since I haven’t been posting much this post is basically to explain why and give a little insight on what I have been up too.

So, I have just started my 5th week in university which is crazy because now all those deadlines are starting to seem close instead of a million miles away. Overall, since starting university there isn’t any words for how much happier I am than I was before. It’s amazing seeing such a positive difference in myself, going from a job I hated to a studying a course that I love surrounded by the best people. I do hate the 9am lectures and what feels like endless hours of practising shorthand but in general I really do love it.

I thought I would struggle with moving to Glasgow since it is such a big difference from living in the Highlands but I am totally loving it. City life is so different to living in the Highlands but I’m definitely used to it.  I’m not homesick yet but that’s probably because I’ve been home twice and had my boyfriend and my parents visiting me here on separate occasions too. This weekend I was home for just under a week and it was because my Dad was getting married. How exciting is that?? It was literally the nicest ceremony surrounded by all our close family and friends which is lovely.

I’m determined to get more organised with how I spend my time because I really want to get back into blogging and start going to the gym. I really miss having proper hobbies and things I enjoy doing. I think I’m either going to make Wednesday’s or Sunday’s my blogging days as at the moment I have nothing on on those days. When I get my next SAAS payment, I’m gonna get my gym membership and force my butt to the treadmill and some metafit classes.

There isn’t a huge amount going on in my life right now, but I’m really really happy with the way everything seems to be going and that is the most important thing.

Siobhan x



May Goals

As if it’s time to write my May Goals post when it feels it was a week ago I was writing my New Years resolutions. Although now it’s actually starting to feel a bit like summer, temperatures have been reaching a tropical 12 degrees in the Highlands. Saying that, as I write this I’m looking out the window to see dark, grey skies. 

Personal Goals 

1) Race For Life 10k, I’ve already signed up for this and am super excited to take part. I am pretty unfit so I am gonna struggle with this race but all that matters is that it’s a fun day and I will be raising money for a good charity. 

2) Spend more time with friends and family. I love my own company but sometimes I think I spend too much time alone. I don’t want to feel isolated and it’s important to make the effort with the people who mean the most. 

3) Finish reading Eat, Pray, Love and read two other books. 

4) Create a solid work-out routine. I’ve gained over half a stone since coming back from Aus and now my clothes don’t fit so serious action needs to be taken. 

5 Save money. I need to save money for going to uni in September and for the travelling I want to do next year. 

Blog Goals 
1) Create a blogging schedule and stick to it. I did create one with a list of future posts up until the middle of June but I haven’t been able to stick to that as I am working two jobs at the moment. I need to get into a routine with work, then work my blog around that. 

2) Engage more on twitter and Instagram. My Instagram is not very blog related at the moment, so I need to try and fix that without making it too cringey for the time being. 

3) Reach 150 followers. At the moment I have 92 followers, so if by the end of the month I am up to 150 I will be happy. 

4) Better blog photography. At the moment all my photos are taken on my iPhone and it is soooo obvious. I have my eye on a nice wee Nikon camera at the minute so when I have a little bit more money that will be getting purchased. 

Okay, these are all my goals for this month that I will hopefully complete. I would love to know what everyone else’s monthly goals are too 😊 

Hope you all enjoyed reading, 

Siobhan x