Rimmel London Influenster Vox Box

Hi everyone, first beauty related post in a long time.

So this was something really exciting for me when I got sent my first Influenster vox box last month.

This was a total surprise for me when it arrived as I never saw the email I got telling me the box was being sent out. I picked it up from the post office and was so confused as I couldn’t remember buying anything. However when I got home and opened it, it was the best surprise.

In this box I got 5 full sized products which I thought was just amazing! Three lipsticks, a foundation and concealer.

The concealer ended up being the most used product out of them all as I just ran out of mine before this box came. The concealer didn’t really work with my skin if I’m honest. I didn’t find it very full coverage and it had a yellow/orange tint to it which didn’t match my skin well. It was fine under foundation but I wouldn’t rush out to buy it because of the yellow tones and formula to it.

The foundation matched my skin perfectly. It was a nice medium coverage foundation that blends well and sits on the skin nicely. It doesn’t feel heavy at all and looks nice and fresh all day which is a huge bonus.

Matte lipsticks are my all time favourite make up product so I was immediately drawn to these. I experimented with these products straight away and immediately realised what colours worked and what didn’t.

In the first photo I am using the pink shade ‘be my baby’, I found this shade the most wearable and best suited to my completion. It is fairly similar to my pink every day lipstick I wear from Too Faced which is a nice bonus. It’s good to know there is a drug store dupe for if I am ever running out and don’t have time / can’t afford the Too Faced one.

In the second photo I am wearing the shade ‘plunge’, this is a darker brown that I really like as well. I wouldn’t wear this every day as it is edgier than my normal lip stick choice. I feel like I need to wear eye make up so it doesn’t look out of place on my face if that makes sense? This is perfect for a night out or if I’m feeling bold with my make up.

The third shade ‘stripped’ did not agree with me at all. When swatching it on my skin the lipstick looked very peachy and nice to wear everyday but when applied to my lips it just looked like a weird shade of concealer. It didn’t have the same nice formula as the other two lipsticks either which is weird. It was disappointing that this didn’t turn out like I thought it would but the other four products worked well.

I am also wearing the Rimmel Match Perfect foundation in the photos below so you can see what the product looks like on my skin too.

These products were sent to my complimentary for the purpose of testing from Influenster. It feels amazing to be one of the people selected for this as I feel like hard work is paying off.

I am spending so much time on the Influenster app because it’s fun to me to read about the upcoming new beauty products and read other peoples reviews.

There has been a lot of pictures of my face for this post which I don’t normally do. However, I thought since this box was sent out to me for testing it was best if I actually take photos so you can all see for yourselves what the products are like.

I hope you enjoyed this post, if anyone else got this box let me know in the comments. I’d love to hear your thoughts on the products!

Siobhan x


Zoeva Cocoa Blend Palette Review

The Zoeva Cocoa Blend eyeshadow palette has been a staple product in my eyeshadow collection for about 18 months now and I still adore it. This palette features 10 warm toned shades ranging from beige to plum to copper. There is 5 matte finishes and 5 shimmer finishes in this palette which makes it create for creating different looks with different finishes. Zoeva is also a cruelty free brand and the shades in this eyeshadow palette are enriched with vitamin E and is 100% free of parabens, mineral oils, perfume and phthalates.

cocoa blend 1

The Cocoa Blend palette is obviously chocolate inspired which makes it all the more alluring for chocolate lovers and make up lovers alike. The packaging of the palette is styled to look like a luxurious chocolate box with the brown and golden themed pattern. On the inside of the palette it reads, “with superb ingredients selected with love for the taste of temptation”. The Zoeva website states the palette is “Inspired by warm truffle colors, delicate nougat shades and shimmery marzipan tones for a seductive glamour makeup look.”

The palette is thin but sturdy and made out of cardboard. It probably isn’t the most durable packaging for an eyeshadow palette, so you would need to be careful if you would be taking it out and about. The palette did come with a protective card cover that slides on and off with the same pattern as the palette itself, however since I have had this product well over a year I got rid of that a long time ago.

cocoa blend 2

cocoa blend 3

Bitter Start – a light beige with warm undertones and a matte finish. Soft and creamy texture, good for a base eyeshadow.

Sweeter End – a soft, shimmering lilac with gold undertones and a metallic finish. This is my favourite shade in the whole palette. The texture is so creamy and so pigmented.

Warm Notes – a rich, bright cranberry red with gold and copper undertones and a metallic finish. Another one of my favourite shades in this palette. The texture is so so creamy and pigmented with amazing colour pay off.

Subtle Blend – a medium dark brown with a golden bronze shimmer and yellow undertones. Intensely pigmented shade with a buttery consistency making it easy to blend out on the lid.

Beans Are White – a blackened brown with a matte finish. This shade is quite chalky with not good colour pay off.

Pure Ganache –  a light-medium, golden copper with orange undertones and a metallic sheen. Great colour pay off with a buttery texture making it easy to apply and blend on the eye lid.

Substitute For Love –  a medium, orange brown with warm undertones and a matte finish. Soft and silky texture, this is one of my most used shades in the palette

Freshly Toasted – a rich, deep, reddish brown with warm orange undertones and a matte finish. This shade was a little bit powdery but still had a soft, silky texture and good colour pay off.

Infusion – a blackened brown with red undertones and a gold satin  finish. A little on the chalky side but still blends well when applied on the lid

Delicate Acidity – a medium mauve with warm undertones and a pearly sheen to it. Good colour pay off.

Overall, the shimmer shades were so much more pigmented than the matte shades. The colour pay off for Warm Notes, Subtle Blend and Pure Ganache are amazing whereas with Bitter Start, Beans Are White and Infusion the formula just isn’t as good. One of my favourite things about this palette, and Zoeva palettes alike are the circle pans for the eyeshadow. It’s great you get a little bit more space to swirl your brush around compared to the thinner and more narrow rectangle shaped pans other brands go for.

cocoa blend 7

This is definitely one of my favourite warm toned palettes as I don’t think any other brand has managed to capture the shades like Zoeva have. Don’t get me wrong, I still have tonnes of warm toned palettes but for shade range, quality and price Zoeva are the winners here. This is my most used palette out of the three Zoeva palettes I own (Rodeo Belle and Blanc Fusion are the other two).

I got this palette for £18 from Beauty Bay and as you can tell from this review I love this palette. I completely recommend this to anyone. The price is one of the main things that attract me to Zoeva eyeshadow palettes as it is more than half the price of the eye shadow palettes from the likes of Urban Decay and Too Faced for a product that is similar in quality.

I hope you all enjoyed reading this review.  Let me know in the comments what you think of this palette or if there are any other products from Zoeva you think I should try.

Siobhan x

The Body Shop Spring/Summer Feel Good Box First Impressions 

Hi there everyone, hope you’re all well. 

I have recently purchased The Body Shop Spring/Summer 2017 Feel Good box. This is a box of carefully selected mini products from The Body Shop designed to enhance your summer glow. 

Inside this box there is the British Rose scented instant glow body butter, himilayan charcoal face mask, oils of life sleeping cream, drops of youth facial concentrate and the sweetenia perfume. Most of the products in this box are sample sized except the lipstick. 

I was so excited about this box and all the products I couldn’t wait to write about it. Since there is so many mini products this is perfect as a gift or for someone who is knew to buying from The Body Shop. Let’s get into a bit more detail about these products. 

British Rose Instant Glow Body Butter 

I have had so many body butters from The Body Shop over the years and loved every one. I was excited to try this one and love the idea of smelling like a rose all the time. This moisturiser is super effective practically sinking into the skin straight away with no residual stickiness on the skin. 

Himilayan Charcoal Facemask

I already own the full sized version of this product and have already discussed this on here but in case anyone missed it. This is one of the best face masks I’ve used. My skin is so noticeably soft after use and my pores are reduced. This has a very cooling and detoxing effect on my skin. 

Drops of Youth Facial Concentrate 

This is the second product I own from the Drops of Youth range and I couldn’t wait to try this. This is designed to soothe skin and leave it looking fresher and healthier. I don’t particularly need to be investing in anti aging products just yet but the appearance of my skin does look softer after using this. 

Oils of Life Night Cream 

I have never had a night cream before so I was excited to try the sample of this. This is designed to sink in and nourish skin whilst you sleep and leave yourself looking more revitalised. This feels a little bit tingly when applying to my skin at first but I think that just means you really feel it working. The cream is super light and non greasy so is the perfect moisturiser for before bed. 

Matte Lipstick 

I haven’t tried this shade of the lipstick yet but I have another one from this range. If I’m honest I’m not sure if this colour will suit me so I’ve just tried to put off using it. However the matte lipsticks are the most perfect consistency ever – matte but hydrating instead of drying. 

Sweetenia Perfume 

I have never used a fragrance product from The Body Shop before so I wasn’t sure what to expect to be honest. This is the floral scent of crisp Mahogany flower combined with a breeze of orange flower and bigarade leaf for ultimate freshness. I find this perfume very strong scented and to be long lasting. 

So that’s all the products in this box. I find this to be of extremely good value considering it is only £12. This is a great way to be testing some of the more premium products from The Body Shop.

Hope you all enjoyed this post, 


Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons Palette Review

Hiiii everyone, hope you are all well. This post is about my newest Too Faced palette which my lovely boyfriend kindly bought for me a few weeks ago. I think this palette is so cute as it is heart shaped, when he offered to buy me make up I couldn’t not pick this one.

too faced bon bons palette one
The  palette is encased in a baby pink, thin metal compact patterned with hearts. Too Faced went all out with hearts in this palette as the shadows on the inside fit the same heart shaped pattern as the lid. This uber pink palette is a total dream for girly girls and make up lovers alike, I was sold on this palette already by packaging. Inside the palette there is a decent sized mirror too which is good. Upon opening the palette you are met with the delectable smell of chocolate as the shadow formula is infused with anti-oxidant rich cocoa powder.

I absolutely loved my original Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette so was delighted to get this one. This palette is dominated by nude, neutral shades with an overall pink theme. There are a few pops of colour bright shades in this palette too. I really like the pink tone to this palette. The shadowsdo seem a bit out of place at first as they are so bright and pink however they are so easy to incorporate into looks. Let’s look at some swatches and go into better detail about each individual eyeshadow shade.


Almond Truffle – muted, muave toned taupe with cool undertones and a matte finish. This shade is ideal for a transition shade in the crease. This is smooth to apply and easy to blend.

Satin Sheets – pale, creamy pink with a strong golden shimmer and a frosted finish. This shade isn’t original to the Bon Bons palette and has popped up in Too Faced palettes before. It’s perfect for an inner corner and brow bone highlight.

Sprinkles – light-medium pink with yellow undertones and a soft golden shimmer finish. It’s a much darker pink than Satin Sheets with a less metallic and shimmery finish. The texture was a little on the powdery side but still had good colour pay-off.

Molasses Chip – rich copper/bronze shade with a metallic bronze sheen. This shade is very pigmented and a buttery texture when applied. This is one of the most wearable and best performing shades in the palette.

Malted – deep chocolate brown with warm, yellow undertones and a satin matte finish. This shade has good colour pay off and a smooth, buttery texture.

Cashew Chew – a muted, light pinky beige with warm undertones. This is one of my favourite shades in the palette, it’s good as a base shadow.

Cotton Candy – lightly brighted, light-medium pink with cool blue and silver undertones throughout. It has good pigmentation and a soft, blendable texture which didn’t kick up too much powder.

Cafe Au Lait – bright, light brown with a silver to golden shimmer. It applies smooth, the texture is buttery and creamy with little to no colour kick up.

Bordeaux – deep, dark reddish-brown with warm undertones and a matte finish. This shade has a silky smooth texture. This shade is ideal for deepening up colours in a look or to put lightly into the crease.

Mocha – medium brown with warm orange undertones and a matte finish. This is already one of my most used shades in this palette and one of my favourites. This shade has excellent colour pay-off.

Blackcurrant – dark, plum-purple shade with a golden shimmer throughout and a frosted finish. This shade is a lot lighter on skin than in the pan however when applied on top of other shadows it shows up really well.

Dark Truffle – deep, dark brown with warm undertones and a golden shimmer throughout. This shade is highly pigmented with an intense colour pay-off.

Pecan Praline – light brown taupe with subtle warm undertones and a matte finish. Similar shade to Cashew Chew but this is more cool toned. This is a good base shade or also good used when blending out a shadow.

Totally Fetch – a bright, deep fuchsia pink with cool undertones and a shimmery finish. This is the most out there colour in the palette and it’s fitting that the brightest pink would have to be named with a Mean Girls reference.

Earl Grey – deep teal shade with a silver shimmer. I’m not a huge fan on blue eyeshadow so this isn’t a shade I would wear, but it could create a good teal smokey eye. This shade is a little dusty.

Divinity – very light beige with slight warm undertones and a matte finish. One of the most pigmented shades in the palette. This is another good base shadow.

too faced bon bons palette two

Overall, Too Faced created another very high quality eye shadow palette and I am very happy to add this one to my collection. The colour scheme of this palette is a bit iffy for me. I have mentioned I do enjoy the pink theme but it’s just not for me, so there is at least three maybe four shades I won’t wear which is a shame. However, if you enjoy incorporating bright pinks into your looks then this is a great palette for you. If you’re like me and not 100% there on the bright pinks, then it’s great that there is still so many looks to create using this without them.

too faced bon bons palette three

The main question is whether this palette is worth buying, the answer is yes. The Too Faced palettes combine two of many peoples favourite things, chocolate and make up. What’s better? My favourite shades are Molasses Chip, Cashew Chew, Cafe Au Lait and Blackcurrant.

I hope you all enjoyed reading my review on this palette, I would love to hear feedback in the comments. If you’ve tried this palette or interested in buying it, I would love to hear your thoughts on it!

Siobhan x


Too Faced ‘Better Than Sex’ Mascara Review 

Hi everyone, in this post I am gonna be talking about the Too Faced ‘Better Than Sex’ mascara. I am not normally one to branch out and try different mascara’s. I’m pretty much a Benefit They’re Real loyal kinda gal however there is so much hype around this I was desperate to try it. My boyfriend actually got me this in a mini set from Debenhams with the Kat Von D Tattoo Liner and the box is combined so that is gonna be in some of my photos. 

I had really high hopes for this mascara partially due to all the hype surrounding it but mostly because Too Faced has become my favourite make up brand. I am OBSESSED with all their products. Everything I’ve bought has exceeded expectations and I was hoping this would be similar. 

The wand for this mascara is shaped like an hour glass so it is wider at the ends and thinner in the middle. The photo makes it look as if there is a lot of product on the wand however it applies perfectly and even to all the lashes. This creates noticeably lengthened, volumised and curled lashes. The formula also isn’t too cakey either which is good as it doesn’t clump on your lashes. 

I have really naturally light eyelashes so without mascara my lashes are pretty unnoticeable. I like mascara which has a dark, bold, black colour which makes them more visible. This formula nails the colour I’m after whilst still not being an unnatural colour. 

Other things I like about this mascara is that it automatically lifts my eyelashes and holds them pretty well. I don’t look in the mirror throughout the day and feel like I need to reapply it. You also don’t need a lot of this product either. For me, nothing is more frustrating when I’m doing my make up and have to apply like 100 coats of mascara. 

Overall this mascara is really good and definitely one of my favourites. I won’t go as far to say that I prefer it over my Benefit They’re Real mascara because that is an all time favourite. However, I can safely say that I do love this mascara and can 100% recommend it. 

Hope you enjoyed reading about this, 

Siobhan x 

Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette Review

Hiii everyone, sorry I feel like it has been so long since I last posted which is not keeping up with my promise of blogging more consistently. However, I have been planning and prepping for more posts so points to me for some decent organisational skills. Today I am writing about the ABH Modern Renaissance palette, this is the first eye shadow palette I have ever used from the brand and given the hype around it I have very high expectations.

Let’s talk about the packaging. The first photo is a picture of the cardboard box that was protecting the palette. The second photo is the actual palette, both the box and palette are similar in colour and pattern however the palette is velvet. So many people hate velvet and can’t stand it, but I’m the opposite I love it. I think it such a nice and soft texture. The packaging looks super pink in these photos but it’s actually got a few lilac tones through it which is nice, this is a really nice and aesthetically pleasing colour.


The colours in this palette range from a mix of warm neutral colours to berries and pink colours. The pink shades are a little bit more out of my comfort zone and I am so excited to use them and try it out after seeing so many beautiful cranberry toned looks from this palette. There are 14 eye shadows all together, the majority of shades are matte (11 matte and 3 shimmer shades). The first thing I noticed when I was doing my swatches was the texture of the eyeshadow is SO soft and creamy but a little bit powdery at the same time. The good thing is it isn’t even a little bit dry. The colours of this palette blend so beautifully together it is amazing.



Now, I KNOW I apologise every time I do swatches in this reviews because I am just so bad at them. I genuinely don’t understand how I am so incapable of putting eyeshadow in a straight line on my arm. Another apology as it is basically impossible to see the first colour I swatched on my arm 1) because I am deathly pale and, 2) because of my shitty bedroom lighting and iPhone camera. The first shade is at the bottom of the piccy and then works it’s way up to the last shade at the top.

Tempera – a velvetty beige with peachy tones throughout and a matte finish.

Golden Ochre – earthy, medium-dark yellow with olive tones and a matte finish. This is a great transition shade.

Vermeer – a bright, light peach with warm undertones and a frosted sheen. This shade is perfect for your brow bone, inner corner and lid, good in every look!

Buon Fresco – a muted, medium lavender with a matte finish. The texture is a little bit more powdery than some of the other shades.

Antique Bronze – a medium-dark brown with red undertones and a pearly sheen to it. This shade is perfect for a brown smokey eye.

Love Letter – a beautiful dark berry shade with cool undertones and a matte finish. This shade is very buildable.

Cyprus Umber – a dark brown, coffee like shade with warmer red undertones throughout and a matte finish.

Raw Sienna – is a neutral amber with golden undertones and a matte finish. The texture is soft and creamy while still being very buildable on the skin.

Burnt Orange – a deep orange-brown with warm undertones through it and a matte finish. The texture is soft and smooth, but a little dusty. Good shade to use to deepen the crease.

Primavera – a light, medium peachy gold with warm undertones and a frosted, metallic sheen. This shade was soft to apply but slightly dusty with a little fallout. It’s a little drier than the other colours in the palette too. However, it is such a beautiful colour it is one of my favourites in the palette.

Red Ochre – a medium, dark red with subtle warm undertones and a matte finish. This is a really cool sort of brick-red brown colour and can see it being a favourite amongst people. The texture is silky smooth so it blended out quite well, but also did sheer out a little so building up this shade would work better.

Venetian Red – a medium-dark crimson red shade with a matte finish. This shade is the driest in the palette and kicked up excess product when applied.

Warm Taupe – a medium earthy brown with a matte finish. This is a good neutralising shade to blend with if a different brown is a little too warm.

Realgar – a medium-dark orange with warm undertones with a matte finish. There is good pigmentation to this shade and a very silky smooth texture.

modern renaissance side on.jpg

Overall, I think this palette has an amazing shade range. The blendability and pigmentation is very impressive. Also a good thing to note is this palette actually has a really good brush included, some palettes come with brushes that are crap but this one isn’t. The velvet packaging is very easy to get dirty, which isn’t the most convenient. I would definitely say this palette lives up to the hype around it, you would not regret buying this.

Hope you all enjoyed reading this review,

Love Siobhan x




Zoeva Blanc Fusion Palette Review

Hi everyone, in this post I am going to be reviewing the Zoeva Blanc Fusion palette. This is one of the newer eye shadow palettes Zoeva have introduced. I was given this as a present for Christmas from my bestie who clearly knows me so well buying me amazing make-up.

First thing to talk about is the packaging, the palette is covered by a thin cardboard protector which slides off for you to get to the palette. The palette is sleek and sturdy, the same as the other Zoeva palettes. Both the protector and the palette have the same cream background with a golden triangular pattern on top. The golden design on the packaging gives the impression of luxury, which is nice considering this palette is priced at an affordable £18 on Beautybay and Cult Beauty.

blanc fusion packaging.jpg

All of the 10 eye shadows in this palette are at a very high standard. There are 5 shimmer shades and 5 matte shades. These shadows are very pigmented and when applying the shadows go on velvety smooth with minimal or no fall out which is good. Overall, this palette has a good mix of cool and warm tones throughout with a few bright pops of colour like golden yellows. This palette has a good selection of shadows varying from satins, mattes, metallics and pearl finishes. blanc-fusion

blanc fusion swatches.jpg

The swatches I took are a bit messy, still trying to master how to get them in a straight line on my arm. The photo above was my second attempt. I swear it is more difficult than it looks and I am not just totally dim. The shades go as followed:

Noble – a pearly white shade with a golden sheen, this is a nice icy highlighting shade perfect for the inner corner of the eye. .

Single Orgin – a light cool toned gold with a shimmery finish. This shade looks best when applied to the eyelids, it is a very build able colour.

Visions of Gold – a bright yellow gold with a satin finish. This is probably one of the most out there shades in the palette, definitely the brightest. This shade is definitely something out of my comfort zone so I don’t know how much I will use it.

Late Bloomer – a lovely orange gold with a metallic finish. This is one of my favourite shades in the palette, I think this will be paired nicely with Questions of Taste. 

Sweetness Lingers – a light brown with taupe undertones and a metallic finish.

Travel Inspired – this shade is super hard to see in the photo of the swatches, partly due to my pale skin but more than likely due to the bad lighting. This shade is a creamy beige with a matte finish.

Joy in a Box – a cool toned light brown with a creamy matte finish.

Conched – a medium dark brown with a matte finish. I think this shade will be paired nicely with Sweetness Lingers.

Questions of Taste – a warm caramel toned brown with a matte finish.

Last Bite – a cool toned matte dark brown. This is the darkest colour in the shade, and it isn’t very intense so if people are going for quite a smokey or dark look they would probably have to dip into another palette to find a deeper/darker brown.

blanc fusion different angle.jpg

I have already noted that the overall quality of this palette is amazing, as is all Zoeva products I have tried. I think this palette has a good variety in their shades and you would be able to create many looks from it. Other good things about this palette are that the shadows are enriched with vitamin E and free of parabens, mineral oils and perfume. Zoeva is also a cruelty free brand which is another reason to buy from them.

Hope you all enjoyed reading,

Siobhan  x



Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette – Review

Ever since I first began to get interested in make-up, I thought as far as eye shadow palettes went the Urban Decay ones where the best around. However, this year since I have most of their palettes I decided to change up my brands and I ordered a Too Faced one.

The first thing that became so appealing with this palette was the packaging, as it the box is designed like a foil wrapped chocolate bar it feels as if you are unwrapping something from the make-up version of Willy Wonka. The scent of chocolate when you open the palette as well only helps to make the product more irresistible. I have mentioned before I am a sucker for girly things, and the box is designed with pale pink and gold the two colours look so beautiful together. The outside of the palette itself is designed to look like an actual chocolate bar too.




Before I begin to talk about the shades individually, here’s a photo of the inside of the palette and swatches I took from the palette (the swatches are not in a straight line because I was incapable of getting them that way)-



In this photo, the shades start at the bottom with Glided Ganache right through all the shades to Champagne Truffle at the top of the photo.

Gilded Ganache is a dark chocolate brown with caramel undertones and a yellowed bronze shimmer. The texture was nice and soft without it being powdery.

White Chocolate is a more warm toned beige shade, this is a little hard to see on my arms as I am considerably pale. This shade was super soft, almost with a sort of buttery texture and really build-able. I would use this shade as a good base for other shadows.

Milk Chocolate is a warm-toned brown with reddish-yellow undertones and a matte finish. This shade was smooth to apply and easy to blend out.

Black Forest Truffle is one of my favourite shades from the whole palette. This is a burgundy-brown with a nice gold shimmer, I think this is one of the most . The texture was a little drier and grittier than some other shades.

 Triple Fudge is one of the deeper and darker shades in the palette, this one I am not too keen on but would still use it in some looks. The texture is soft and the shade is actually more build-able than what it looks like when first applied.

Salted Caramel is another shade that I adore, I love this warm-toned orange with a little hint of brown through it. This is another matte shade in the palette, the colour looks excellent on the lid but it is a little too soft to apply so can be a little bit powdery.

Marzipan is a beautiful, warm toned peachy shade with a nice frosted finish. The texture was soft, smooth and easy to apply. Again, this shade is one of my favourites from the palette. I love the nice shimmer you get when it’s applied.

Semi-Sweet is a medium-dark brown shade with reddish undertones through it and a matte finish. The texture of this was super soft, so it became a tiny bit powdery.

Strawberry Bon Bons is one of the more cooler shades in this palette, this light pink perfectly reflects the colour of an actual bon bon so the name is very accurate. This is a light-medium pink shade which is very build-able with a matte finish.

Candied Violet is a smoky violet with cool undertones and a multi-colour shimmer. This shade is very dry and not easy to work with, it’s not build-able or blend-able at all. This is probably the worst shade in the palette in my opinion.

Amaretto is a warm toned, medium-dark brown with reddish undertones throughout with a frosted sheen. This is another shade that was so soft to use the texture was close to being buttery.

Hazelnut is a medium-dark bronze with hints of gold through it finished with  a soft, frosted sheen. This is another shade where it was so soft it became a tiny bit powdery.

Creme Brulee is a darker shade of gold with warm undertones throughout with a rich, metallic finish. This is one of the best shades in the palette, and I think it would work well alongside Marzipan.

Haute Chocolate is a muted, dark brown with warm undertones through it and a metallic finish. The texture of this shade was so rich and smooth.

Cherry Cordial is one of the more different shades in this palette and one I am most excited to try out. This is a shade is a plummy colour with some shimmer over a matte base. I think this shade would look good with Black Forest Truffle so I can’t wait to put them together in a look.

Champagne Truffle is a brightened, pink/golden shade with a metallic finish. This shade has an amazing shimmer to it so would look good under the brow bone, the colour is rich but unfortunately in the photo of the swatches I took it is hard to see due to the angle of the photo and against my pale skin.

My overall opinion of this palette is that I am so SO impressed, and I cannot wait to buy more Too Faced products. I would say this is a higher quality than most UD palettes, and a better deal as UD palettes cost more and you only receive 12 shades instead of 16. I would say there is only one low quality shade in this palette, Candied Violet, and this is redeemed as there is such a variety of the types of shades and such a range of colours. I would give this palette a 10/10.

If anyone has any other Too Faced products to recommend to me I would so appreciate it as I can see myself becoming obsessed, thank you all for reading I hope everyone likes my review.

Siobhan x