Time for a catch up..

Hi everyone, it has been over a month since I wrote my last blog post which is crazy considering in the summer I had finally gotten into a good habit of posting weekly-ish. Who knew I’d have more free time working two jobs than I would as a student with no job? Since I haven’t been posting much this post is basically to explain why and give a little insight on what I have been up too.

So, I have just started my 5th week in university which is crazy because now all those deadlines are starting to seem close instead of a million miles away. Overall, since starting university there isn’t any words for how much happier I am than I was before. It’s amazing seeing such a positive difference in myself, going from a job I hated to a studying a course that I love surrounded by the best people. I do hate the 9am lectures and what feels like endless hours of practising shorthand but in general I really do love it.

I thought I would struggle with moving to Glasgow since it is such a big difference from living in the Highlands but I am totally loving it. City life is so different to living in the Highlands but I’m definitely used to it.  I’m not homesick yet but that’s probably because I’ve been home twice and had my boyfriend and my parents visiting me here on separate occasions too. This weekend I was home for just under a week and it was because my Dad was getting married. How exciting is that?? It was literally the nicest ceremony surrounded by all our close family and friends which is lovely.

I’m determined to get more organised with how I spend my time because I really want to get back into blogging and start going to the gym. I really miss having proper hobbies and things I enjoy doing. I think I’m either going to make Wednesday’s or Sunday’s my blogging days as at the moment I have nothing on on those days. When I get my next SAAS payment, I’m gonna get my gym membership and force my butt to the treadmill and some metafit classes.

There isn’t a huge amount going on in my life right now, but I’m really really happy with the way everything seems to be going and that is the most important thing.

Siobhan x



UPDATE: I’ve Moved To Glasgow

Hi there everyone,

First of all I would like to apologise for my absence in the past few weeks on pretty much everywhere. I have recently moved to Glasgow and started my induction for my first year at Glasgow Caledonian University. So, this is some pretty big stuff. and I have also got my timetable for the first half of this year and all I’m gonna say is there is probably going to be more absences. My timetable is so full on, I’m pretty much in uni 4 full days a week. It might not sound a lot to anyone but I can already feel the exhaustion of the next few months.

Anyone who has known me at all over the years knows this is the course I have wanted to study and the university I have wanted to study at for as long as I can remember. So this is a bit of a big deal for me. It’s weird having met everyone already now and getting along with my class so well, knowing we are going to be spending the next 4 years learning together most days.

I know it is early days, I am currently on day 3 of my induction, but I am excited to see what the next four years will bring. As much as I love my home and where I come from I am relieved in a sense to get away. I spent the past few months before I left absolutely hating life, working horrendous hours in jobs I hated and surrounded by the rumour-mill that comes along with living in a small town. So, a fresh start with new people and new opportunities is exactly what I need.

I will always love my home town because it’s where I grew up and have so many memories. I already know how much I am going to miss living with my mum and popping down to see my dad and gran in the afternoons whenever I please. I’m going to miss seeing my boyfriend and having him only be a 15 minute drive away instead of a 5 hour drive. Despite all that, I am so beyond ready to enjoy and embrace this new chapter in my life with open arms.

Sorry this post is short, but hopefully I will be able to update everyone with how I’m getting on and settling into Glasgow and return to some normal beauty posts shortly.

Siobhan x

New Year Resolutions 

I am aware this post is one week late, and I have no excuse for this other than the fact I have been so busy I’ve neglected my blog. At the beginning of 2016 I didn’t set any new year resolutions, but this year I’m going too. As I have spent the run up to New Years Eve reflecting on the past year I realised that I have done nothing really, my year was totally average and boring. So in my resolutions this year, I hope to change that so when it comes round to NYE again I can be proud of accomplishing something.

Stop procrastinating: 

In school I was always procrastinating and putting off things I really should have been doing. This habit has followed me out of school and I need to break it. In order to be successful and accomplish the things I need done I have to stop procrastinating, and start doing.

Travel more: 

I am already starting off this New Years resolution good as at the beginning of February I am moving to Australia for six months. During my trip, I want to travel to Bali, Fiji and either Hawaii or New Zealand. I have a serious case of wanderlust so travelling is always going to be one of my resolutions each year.

Read more:

I used to be obsessed with books and reading when I was younger, then decided I grew out of it. I constantly find myself bored playing on my phone when watching TV or some movies, but when you’re engrossed in a book nothing should take your eyes off the paper. My 31 hours of travelling to Sydney will be a good way to start this resolution.

Be more positive:

For those who know me, know I am a pretty negative and sarcastic person. Now I know these are qualities people like to avoid in their friends, it’s not nice to have someone around who always looks on the down side or is harsh. I think my negative attitude is the reason why I missed out so much last year, so now I’m going to try and change and be someone more positive.

Save more money:

I am already pretty good at this one, I have a rainy day fund and money saved for when I’m older too. I’m adding this one so that when I’m off jetting around these countries I don’t forget that I need to put money aside too in case of emergencies, and just so that I don’t end up completely broke.

That’s all my resolutions, hope you all enjoyed reading.

Siobhan x