The F Word – Lilly Pebbles Review

I’m starting off the new year by writing my first blog post on the last book I read in 2018. Upon finishing this novel, I felt like I really enjoyed it but thinking back I think I just enjoyed the simplicity of this easygoing book.

The F Word by Lilly Pebbles is a very wholesome book describing the many types of friendships she’s had throughout her life highlighting the good and bad parts of friendships.

I’m not going to lie, I wasn’t followed Lilly or aware she was a blogger before reading this book. My favourite blogger, Hannah Gale posted a photo of it on Instagram and I bought it because I liked the look of it.

I was hugely pleasantly relieved when I read the back to see it was about friendship, because I hadn’t read anything like this before. It is such an interesting topic that could have had a book with such amazing depth covering it.

When I first started the book and Pebbles was discussing her long standing friendships with the girls she was friends with when she was 4, I didn’t think I could read on. I had to take a break from the book and think, “is this for me?” purely because it just made me sad thinking of all the friendships I had when I was younger that have fizzled out.

Friendships fizzle out all the time, and thinking back to when I originally read those pages, I was most likely just having a super emotional time. I can now say after completing the book it made me think back to all of my friendships, new and old, with fond, warm memories which is always a nice feeling.

The book offers a lot of advice about how to handle situations within friendships. The photo above which gives advice on how to handle friendships whilst either being single or in a relationship. This could potentially be useful to younger readers who maybe need advice on situations like this, but not adults as we have all likely navigated our way through situations like this before.

Overall, I’m not gonna say this book is a must-read because your life could probably continue to function if you didn’t, however, it was fun and nice to read. This is a book I would read on a Sunday afternoon with a cup of tea purely because it’s nice and not serious. It’s not hugely serious and doesn’t take a lot of effort to get on board with which I think is something the author was perhaps going for.

There has been a lot of mixed reviews on this book, some loving it whilst other disappointed fans of Lilly Pebbles were not impressed. I had no expectations coming into this which is perhaps why I’m left with a more positive impression of this. Despite my enjoyment, I would like to add this book is definitely for a primarily younger audience of teenagers and young adults who would probably appreciate the content more. It’s slightly insulting to assume women in their late 20s and thirties don’t know how to act around their single and non-single friends.

I can understand why fans would be genuinely disappointed by this book, as it has such an exciting premise (to me, anyway) because I really didn’t feel any wiser or better after reading it.

I don’t really like leaving negative reviews on things, but honesty is always the most important thing.

Have you read this book? What was your thoughts?

Siobhan x


Recently Reading

One of my New Years resolutions for 2018 was to read a book per month and so far so good, I am succeeding.

Like many people I fell out of love with reading over the years but now I am getting back into it and really starting to appreciate the feeling of getting lost in a book once again.

I haven’t yet read as much as I would want too as I currently have a full shelf of unread books and more to get through but I am making a start.

Let’s start by discussing my most recent read and by far one of my favourite stories of all time.

The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie 

This book just reminds me of high school in the most positive way possible. My drama class studied the play of The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie for our higher exam and I can recall everyone in the class practically being able to quote the play word for word. The book is about an eccentric, romantic and free spirited Edinburgh teacher Jean Brodie and her special group of girls, the “creme de la creme”. Miss Brodie preaches “give me a girl at an impressionable age, and she is mine for life.” it is this exact reason which brings her downfall in her school, Marcia Blane. This is one of my favourite stories and will stay this way for a very long time as it is close to my heart and reminds me of such happy times, as well as being an excellent and well-written read.

Girl Boss 

I was originally going to dedicate a whole blog post to discussing this book but I decided against it as I am probably one of the last people to get round to reading it. Overall, I did really enjoy reading the book as I found it fairly amusing and entertaining. However, as many people note I would not buy this book if you are looking into getting good advice and insight into starting a business. It is like half memoir and half business guide but without the good advice. Girlboss tells the story of Nasty Gal founder Sophia Amoruso who went from making sandwiches at Subway, being a petty thief to selling vintage clothes on eBay and turning that into a $100 million business. Impressive, right? I LOVE the illustrations in this book and it is refreshingly honest and funny too about Amoruso’s journey to where she is today.

The Woman In Black 

This book was a birthday gift from my flat mate for my birthday. I’m not going to lie this was the first book I read this year and that was because it got right to the end of January and I hadn’t yet started another book, let alone finished one and I didn’t want to fail my New Years resolution in the first month. I saw the film for this already when it first came out so I went into this book knowing the storyline. The book is reasonably short but still manages to pack a punch with all the creepy details it entails. The book has all the elements of a perfect ghost story – tragic back story, ghost seeking revenge, bad stormy weather and a creepy old house.

The Sun and Her Flowers

I am probably going to write a more in depth review of this book later on as I did with Milk and Honey but I want to mention this in here anyway. I was such a big fan of Milk and Honey so naturally when this came out last year I was super excited, this was a birthday present from my mum. This book is a safe haven for those who are hurting and want to nurture themselves. The book has an enticing table of contents, like a flower cycle: wilting, falling, rooting, rising, and blooming. The Wilting section contains poetry relating to the early stages of a break up and how the person wants to get in touch with themselves again. Falling is the downfall containing poetry describing feelings of loneliness and depression. Rooting has poetry relating to the process of regaining strength and self love as the soul re-energizes itself. Rising details how the person rises from the ground and moves on and leaves toxicity behind. Blooming is the last chapter in which the person realises that they need to put themselves first and take care of their own happiness.

These are my four recent reads, as well as the pile of magazines I now have to get through. My gran has been posting magazines like Cosmopolitan and Marie Claire down to me in Glasgow as she knows I like them, how cute is that? Let me know what you’ve been reading and if you have any thoughts on the books I’ve mentioned. Hope you enjoyed reading,

Siobhan x

Why Eat Pretty Is The Most Influential Book I’ve Read

Hi everyone, today I am talking about Eat Pretty: Nutrition For Beauty, Inside and Out by Jolene Hart. I read this book for the first time about two years ago. I picked it up when I was shopping in Urban Outfitters in Glasgow and was instantly drawn in by it’s intriguing title and attractive cover. I follow a vegan diet and have done for the past 3/4 years, so when I picked this up I was very interested in seeing the nutritional value in what I am eating. However, the reason I am re-reading this book and reviewing it is because I have stopped caring about the nutrition in what I eat and while I still follow a vegan diet, it is not a healthy one. So here I am, embarking on my Eat Pretty journey once again.

eat pretty 1

When I first read this book I followed the healthy eating mantra this book projects for probably the best part of a year. After that, I still ate healthy but I just cared less about eating healthy all the time. However, now I just don’t care which is so bad especially as I follow a vegan diet where I need to make sure I am eating the right things so I’m not lacking in any vitamins.

Eat Pretty promotes the idea that our diet is the most important tool we have in looking our best and feeling our best too. It doesn’t matter what creams and oils we use that promote clear, healthy and glowing skin as most of it comes down to our diet. After all, we are what we eat – this is a phrase that Jolene uses on page seven of the book because it is true.

The book is split into three parts: Part 1 – Rethink Beauty, Part 2 – Four Seasons To Eat Pretty, Part 3 – The Essential Beauty Players.

Part 1 – Rethink Beauty

There are multiple chapters in each part, the first chapter in Part 1 discusses “beauty betrayer foods” which are things like alcohol, caffeine, dairy, fizzy drinks – things everyone should already know are unhealthy. However, we learn here why these things are so bad for our bodies and how they affect our outward appearances. Jolene explains the Eat Pretty manta which is how you create a positive relationship with food by eating the right things to create the best version of yourself. Chapter 3 is interesting as there is a Beauty Nutrient chart stating the vitamin, how it positively affects your body and which foods will provide that.

Part 2 – Four Seasons to Eat Pretty 

This is one of the most useful of the whole book as it tells you what is in season and at what time of the year. Jolene goes into detail about what nutrients each food contains and how that positively affects our bodies. Within each section about the seasons the book contains some amazing recipes which follow the Eat Pretty manta containing ingredients we have just learned about.

Part 3 – The Essential Beauty Players

This chapter talks about beauty beyond our plate as it expands and goes into detail about other factors that contribute to health and beauty other than our diet. Jolene discusses other topics like good digestion and assimilation and how important they are to eating pretty. She states that a healthy liver is the key to clear skin as we want the liver to be functioning efficiently to be removing all the toxins from our blood. Jolene also talks about how hormones effect our body and appearance, the importance of getting enough sleep and the influence of emotional health too.

eat pretty 5

The answer to that is yes, and I only realised that because of this book. Overall, I really enjoyed reading this and would recommend it to anyone who wants to learn more about how clean eating affects their health.The reason I consider this book to be so influential is because I learnt so much and it really did change the way I looked at food and my diet. There is so much amazing information regarding health and beauty in here so many people can read it and adapt their lifestyle to suit, not just those who want to have clearer skin. When I first read this book two years ago, it changed my diet and outlook on health and beauty. Now after reading it a second I feel just as inspired to take the steps to become the best and healthiest version of myself.

eat pretty 6

Hope you all enjoyed reading this post. I would love to know if you have read this book and what you thought of it, or if you want to read it!

Siobhan x