The Body Shop Japanese Matcha Tea Facemask Review

Hi everyone, this has been one of the posts I’ve been meaning to write for so long. It’s super exciting getting back into writing about beauty. I have so many planned posts for the next couple months that I’m excited about writing.

It’s a big shock that I’m writing about stuff from The Body Shop, I know it is a really rare occasion that I end up shopping here. I have had this mask pretty much since it first came out so I’ve been using it a long time so I can give a totally honest review on it’s effects on my skin.

This Matcha Tea mask is described as a pollution clearing mask because of the matcha green tea and dandelion extract which apparently help remove pollutants and impurities. The mask is enriched with matcha green tea from Kakegawa, Japan, as well as  dandelion extract and soothing Community Trade aloe vera from Mexico.

Whenever I open this tub it just smells of pure freshness, kind of grassy which is probably from the dandelion extract but I personally like this smell. It has a thick, easy to apply, creamy consistency with small loofa particles in for exfoliation. These parts don’t feel harsh or sore when exfoliating with the mask on in any way.


The main thing I noticed after using this mask was how clean and refreshed my skin felt. ‘Pollution clearing’ is in the name but I was still pleasantly surprised and my skin felt nice for days after as well.

I have combination skin so sometimes (most of the time)  my skin is super oily but in parts my skin is dry on my face and this mask doesn’t irritate it at all. I occasionally suffer from the odd break out and this mask is perfect for putting using as well. I’ve noticed blemishes are really reduced after using this mask.

I live in Glasgow now where there is really high levels of pollution so I really try to use this at least once a fortnight.

I feel like with this mask impurities within the skin aren’t drawn out like the Himalayan Charcoal mask does but this is more of a deep cleaning mask. This is a very nourishing mask designed to leave skin feeling soft, clean and radiant.

This mask can be a bit tingly when you’re applying it or when it is on but that’s just it getting the dirt out. The tingling feeling is quite a cooling sensation rather than an irritation feeling. The mask really sinks into your skin as you use it and it is noticeable when you go to take it off the longer you leave it on. I have a very bad habit of getting lazy with face masks and leave them on far longer than I’m supposed too.

I would recommend this mask to anyone as it is totally worth it. I get that £17 is a lot to splash on a face mask and I wouldn’t spend that kinda money either if I didn’t know it would be good. I’d love to hear if anyone else has tried this mask or any others from The Body Shop!

Hope you enjoyed reading,

Siobhan x


The Body Shop Spring/Summer Feel Good Box First Impressions 

Hi there everyone, hope you’re all well. 

I have recently purchased The Body Shop Spring/Summer 2017 Feel Good box. This is a box of carefully selected mini products from The Body Shop designed to enhance your summer glow. 

Inside this box there is the British Rose scented instant glow body butter, himilayan charcoal face mask, oils of life sleeping cream, drops of youth facial concentrate and the sweetenia perfume. Most of the products in this box are sample sized except the lipstick. 

I was so excited about this box and all the products I couldn’t wait to write about it. Since there is so many mini products this is perfect as a gift or for someone who is knew to buying from The Body Shop. Let’s get into a bit more detail about these products. 

British Rose Instant Glow Body Butter 

I have had so many body butters from The Body Shop over the years and loved every one. I was excited to try this one and love the idea of smelling like a rose all the time. This moisturiser is super effective practically sinking into the skin straight away with no residual stickiness on the skin. 

Himilayan Charcoal Facemask

I already own the full sized version of this product and have already discussed this on here but in case anyone missed it. This is one of the best face masks I’ve used. My skin is so noticeably soft after use and my pores are reduced. This has a very cooling and detoxing effect on my skin. 

Drops of Youth Facial Concentrate 

This is the second product I own from the Drops of Youth range and I couldn’t wait to try this. This is designed to soothe skin and leave it looking fresher and healthier. I don’t particularly need to be investing in anti aging products just yet but the appearance of my skin does look softer after using this. 

Oils of Life Night Cream 

I have never had a night cream before so I was excited to try the sample of this. This is designed to sink in and nourish skin whilst you sleep and leave yourself looking more revitalised. This feels a little bit tingly when applying to my skin at first but I think that just means you really feel it working. The cream is super light and non greasy so is the perfect moisturiser for before bed. 

Matte Lipstick 

I haven’t tried this shade of the lipstick yet but I have another one from this range. If I’m honest I’m not sure if this colour will suit me so I’ve just tried to put off using it. However the matte lipsticks are the most perfect consistency ever – matte but hydrating instead of drying. 

Sweetenia Perfume 

I have never used a fragrance product from The Body Shop before so I wasn’t sure what to expect to be honest. This is the floral scent of crisp Mahogany flower combined with a breeze of orange flower and bigarade leaf for ultimate freshness. I find this perfume very strong scented and to be long lasting. 

So that’s all the products in this box. I find this to be of extremely good value considering it is only £12. This is a great way to be testing some of the more premium products from The Body Shop.

Hope you all enjoyed this post, 


The Body Shop Fresh Nude Foundation Review

Hi everyone, there is no secret about how much I love The Body Shop. I am obsessed with their skin care ranges and always buying new products from them to try out. I’ve been using this foundation for more or less one year now so I am really excited to share my thoughts on it with you.

The Body Shop foundation claims to leave skin feeling “beautifully fresh and comfortable all day” which is exactly what you are hoping for in a foundation. This product promises a hydrating formula which is great for me because sometimes foundation can dry out my skin making it look patchy in places. There is nothing more annoying than looking in the mirror and seeing my foundation looking terrible on my face, and the only thing to make it look better would be to take it all off.

fresh nude one

I was expecting this foundation to be a little on the watery side from the description but it has a creamy texture. The formula is enriched with English rose water and 100% aloe vera to hydrate and moisturise the skin. This foundation definitely sticks to their name of being “fresh” as the foundation is so lightweight it doesn’t feel like you’re wearing any. It gives a very natural look, I normally use about two layers of this foundation to build up a more medium level of coverage. I love that there is SPF 15 in the foundation as it protects your skin from damaging sun rays, although I live in the Highlands of Scotland so getting sun burnt isn’t normally a concern for me.

As I mentioned I normally apply two layers of this foundation to create a more medium coverage, one layer does suffice if you are after a more natural look. It’s just my personal preference as I have freckles and dark circles under my eyes I like to cover up a bit more. I still have to use concealer if there are any spots on my face as the foundation does’t quite conceal them enough. A third layer of this foundation just looks cakey and is a waste of product.

fresh nude two

The main thing I love about this foundation is that it actually perfectly matches my pale skin. Any other brand of foundation will name their palest shade ivory or something indicating a really pale shade yet on my skin it looks orange. I could honestly go on for ages about how impressed I am to find a foundation that perfectly matches my skin tone and doesn’t break the bank either. I used to spend anything from £26-30 on foundation, whereas this one is only £15.

For me, this foundation lasts all day from 9am when I normally put on my make up to 10pm when I normally take it off. I have read some mixed reviews saying that other people need to top up their foundation after wearing it for around 7 hours, but personally I have never had this problem. I always set my foundation with powder as well to increase wear time.

Overall, I love this foundation and I don’t have any negative things to say about it however this foundation wouldn’t be for everyone. It’s very hydrating and light so would be good for people who tend to have dry skin, but it might not be ideal for people with oily skin. I’ve used foundations from Bare Minerals, Benefit and Clinique and none of them to me are as good as this one. I mentioned before it’s £15, which I think is a bargain as one bottle lasts for a long time.

I hope you enjoyed this post on my favourite foundation, I would love to know if any of you had considered buying this or have tried it and what your thoughts are!

Siobhan x


Skin care routine 

It’s only been quite recent that I have developed a skin care routine. I’ve been one of those teenagers who has actually been quite lucky in the fact they didn’t get many spots or anything, so I just never really cared. However, a couple of months ago my foundation started to look really bad on my skin and it became quite an insecurity of mine so I decided that it was time then to start using products to take care of my skin. I’m gonna post a photo of each product I use so that you all know exactly what it is 🙂

The first thing I do is take off my make up. I use the garnier micellar water with some cotton pads.

Secondly, I scrub my face with this Avon black head clearing scrub. This stuff is amazing and I couldn’t recommend it enough, my skin feels so refreshed and soft to touch afterwards.

Next I use tea tree oil from the Body Shop, for a while I had a couple reoccurring spots on my face that I just couldn’t get rid of so I bought this product. It’s design is to get rid of blemishes, spots and marks from your skin, the “imperfections”. Although I said in the beginning that I don’t often get spots, when I do have them it’s something I am so paranoid and self concious about that it’s almost never off my mind. That is why I was so excited about this product, and I do see a general improvement in my skin in the first couple weeks since I’ve bought it. 

Next, I put a face mask on. There are three face masks I choose from, I like to use a different one every night and alternate between the three. All of these are amazing, however my personal favourite is the Himalayan charcoal mask as my skins is so soft and I can really feel the mask working in my pores too. The blue corn cleansing mask was the first product I ever bought from the Body Shop and as you will notice since most products on this list are Body Shop it wasn’t the last, so I was very impressed with the quality. My least favourite out of the three masks would have to be the tea tree, I bought this for the skin clearing properties but it is probably just as affective as the oil I purchased and using both probably doesn’t get rid of my spots any quicker.

Lastly, I moisturise. The two products I use for moisturising my face are the Drops of Youth Bouncy Sleeping Mask and Vitamin E Eye Cream. Both products are amazing and I couldn’t recommend them enough. The Drops of Youth Mask has such a bouncy costistency in the tub, so the name doesn’t lie. It leaves my skin feeling so hydrated for when I wake up, so it’s the perfect night time moisuriser. The eye cream got rid of the dark circles under my eyes within the first couple days of using it. For a teenager the dark circles under my eyes were ridiculous, I was tired of constantly having to put extra foundation under my eyes or simply look like my eye shadow was a mess and fell under my eyes, but not anymore. 

I hope you all enjoyed reading about my skincare routine☺️

Siobhan x