Personal Growth

I’ve never really been a shy person or anything like that but recently I’ve been doing some soul searching and have noticed I’ve really changed. I always thought when I was around 16 that I knew exactly who I was and what I wanted to do (I still wanted to study journalism and now I do so I guess that’s something?). I wasn’t the most pleasant person really which I would like to blame on hormones but I think I was also just a bit of a bitch too.

I really didn’t like many people growing up which I stand by to a certain degree because I live in a really small place so you’re obviously not going to like everyone. However, I think a lot of my dislike for others stemmed from myself not really fitting in with anyone. I did have friends throughout school but never really felt like they were 100% my sort of people, you know? I guess it just made me bitter which is a shame to think back on.

I really began to notice a difference in myself once I returned home from Bali a few weeks ago but I think since moving away from home last September is where I really started to grow as a person. Throughout school I had a lot of resentment and bitterness towards other people which maybe through no fault of their own I held onto. I always felt really held back and restricted in my small home town and slowly after moving away I started becoming more like the real me than this watered down version I was at home.

I still love the little village where I come from as it will always be my home but perhaps one of the biggest factors of me being bitter was the constant gossip and small town syndrome that carries on there. Everyone feels entitled to know everyones business just because you know them. Things that are literally none of anybody else’s business become public knowledge for everyone to discuss. I immediately noticed a difference after moving away because nobody cares what happened to you in second year or how many boys you kissed because they realise its none of their business.

The biggest difference I can see within myself is my focus on positivity which has made me an undoubtedly happier person. I used to hold grudges forever and claim i’d take them to the grave but holding onto negative energy like that just isn’t necessary and doesn’t bring me joy. I’ve really been trying to practise a lot of forgiveness lately for my own benefit. Instead of being mad and holding grudges against people who have wronged me in the last year or two years ago or whenever just to forgive and let the anger go.

It’s easy now to sit back and think about the previous aspects of my life and personality which made me unhappy now I feel I’ve removed myself from them. I feel more confident, more self assured and so so much happier with the way my life is and the people I have around me and the things I am achieving.


UPDATE: I’ve Moved To Glasgow

Hi there everyone,

First of all I would like to apologise for my absence in the past few weeks on pretty much everywhere. I have recently moved to Glasgow and started my induction for my first year at Glasgow Caledonian University. So, this is some pretty big stuff. and I have also got my timetable for the first half of this year and all I’m gonna say is there is probably going to be more absences. My timetable is so full on, I’m pretty much in uni 4 full days a week. It might not sound a lot to anyone but I can already feel the exhaustion of the next few months.

Anyone who has known me at all over the years knows this is the course I have wanted to study and the university I have wanted to study at for as long as I can remember. So this is a bit of a big deal for me. It’s weird having met everyone already now and getting along with my class so well, knowing we are going to be spending the next 4 years learning together most days.

I know it is early days, I am currently on day 3 of my induction, but I am excited to see what the next four years will bring. As much as I love my home and where I come from I am relieved in a sense to get away. I spent the past few months before I left absolutely hating life, working horrendous hours in jobs I hated and surrounded by the rumour-mill that comes along with living in a small town. So, a fresh start with new people and new opportunities is exactly what I need.

I will always love my home town because it’s where I grew up and have so many memories. I already know how much I am going to miss living with my mum and popping down to see my dad and gran in the afternoons whenever I please. I’m going to miss seeing my boyfriend and having him only be a 15 minute drive away instead of a 5 hour drive. Despite all that, I am so beyond ready to enjoy and embrace this new chapter in my life with open arms.

Sorry this post is short, but hopefully I will be able to update everyone with how I’m getting on and settling into Glasgow and return to some normal beauty posts shortly.

Siobhan x

Travel Bucket List

Hi everyone, those of you who know me will know I am always dreaming/trying to plan ways to go travelling. Now all of a sudden with this sunny weather at home it just reminds me of abroad and I’m dying to get away again.  I’ve been home from Australia for one month and already have planned three trips for next summer which I have started saving for already. There are so many beautiful things and places all over the world I want to see and before I die, I am determined to see them all. Here is a list of all the places that are at the top of my bucket list.

1) The Grand Canyon. 

grand canyon.jpg

Personally, I wouldn’t trust anyone who didn’t have this on their bucket list. Even in photos this is just amazing, and everyone knows photos don’t do anything justice.

2) The Taj Mahal

taj mahal.jpg

3) Great Wall of China

great wall of china

4) Visit New York City


This has always been one of my life long dreams to visit New York and do all of the touristy things however since I watched Gossip Girl last year and became obsessed I feel like I NEED to visit New York.

5) Yoga retreat in Bali



I could have made this list go on forever and ever, there are so many more places I want to travel to but I narrowed it down to my top 5. I am definitely not doing this list in order because certain things are gonna cost way more money than my two jobs can provide for me.

Hope you enjoyed reading this. I would love to hear if any of you want to visit the same places as me, or have a different travel bucket list ideas too!


The Best Things To Do In Cairns

The Great Barrier Reef

On my first day in Cairns I spent it snorkelling and scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef. As Cairns is the last stop on the East Coast trip with arguably the best activities planned this was the perfect way to start off my week here. For as long as I can remember swimming in the Great Barrier Reef has been one of my lifelong dreams and I am so pleased to say I’ve done it now and ticked it off my bucket list. I know by the end of this post I am probably going to have over used the word amazing about a hundred times but it was AMAZING. There isn’t any other way to describe it. Any words I use don’t do it justice – being able to swim among all the tropical fish and be able to get up close to see the Reef for all its beauty is a once in a lifetime oppertunity. 

Waterfall Tour

There are many beautiful waterfalls and parts of nature in Cairns and the surrounding areas which this tour allowed us to see. First stop was Josephine Falls which is a waterfall in the rainforest of Cairns. This was a really beautiful place to visit made even better by the good weather we had that morning. The way the rock was formed by the swimming pool and the way the water goes over it makes it like a small rock slide into the pool. This looked cool, but I missed out on the swimming here as I deemed myself too clumsy and the last thing I’d want is to ruin my whole day out. 

Next stop was one of Australia’s most famous waterfalls – featured in the Herbal Essenses adverts and Peter Andre’s Mysterious Girl video, it is Millaa Millaa Falls. This was absolutely STUNNING, however at the same time it began torrential rain almost as soon as the wheels on the bus made it into the car park. You will be able to see in the photos I put up I am completely drenched and think I went swimming already, however,  this was from the walk from the car park to the bottom of the Falls. 

Those were the two big stops of the tour and the rest was little stops and activities. Once we picked up lunch we went to this place to stop and eat it where in the rainforest we could go and see baby turtles in the water. We all probably saw about 15 little baby ones and the cuteness was unreal. After that we stopped and went platypus spotting which was really cool. It was so rainy so we just stayed in the car but our tour guide took us to a pond where we kept seeing the same one come up for air. The last stop of the day and where the rain eventually stopped was the Crater Lakes National Park, this was a super pretty lake that a couple people went swimming in. I’m boring and because I’d literally just dried off from the rain I was not up for getting soaked again. There is apparently a little crocodile in this water, our tour guide didn’t believe it for a long time as there has been no attacks but some people with drones have been able to take photos of it. Unfortunately, we didn’t see the crocodile which is probably a good thing as it would have freaked everyone in the water out. After that, it was time to head back to the hostel and get some well needed rest. 

Skydive Mission Beach 

Before I even start to write about my skydive I cannot stress enough what an amazing experience this was. We got picked up around 6:30am for this, then after we collected everyone from Cairns we began the two hour drive to Mission Beach. Once we arrived we found out we were the 4th group of the day at around half 10. Once the guys came along and strapped us up in our harness they did a wee introduction for our video, it was a little cringey but this is when I started to get really excited because I knew it was happening soon. The aerodrome where we start flying from is about a half an hour drive from Mission Beach, this just adds to the excitement. Once we got in the plane I couldn’t stop looking out the windows, the views were INCREDIBLE. It finally felt like it was actually happening. I just kept thinking within the next 10 minutes I will have jamp out of a moving plane at 14,000ft. Looking back, it is amazing to think I wasn’t scared. I’m not a huge fearless adrenaline junkie. I thought by the moment I was sitting on the edge of the door to the plane, just hanging there I would be absolutely shitting it. There really isn’t a chance to get scared though, you’re on the edge of the plane for less than a second. The man jumping with me asked if I was ready, and as soon as I responded yes I was out of that plane before I could give it another moments thought. The free fall was nothing like I expected it to be because you don’t have a good perception of the height your falling from and the speed so the whole experience is just enjoyable. The whole time I had my mouth open or I was just smiling because I was so overwhelmed by how much I enjoyed it. 

Cairns Bungee Jump

When I say this was the most terrifying thing I’ve ever done, I’m not exaggerating. When I first booked this, I was like only 50 metres high, pfffft so easy. I was so so wrong. It felt like everything was fine until I got to the edge of the platform with my toes hanging over and I choked. I could hear the man counting down from five as an indicator to jump but once he counted to one, I took a step back holding onto the tower begging him to not make me jump. Not my most proud moment nearly crying at the top of a bungee tower. After about 30 minutes of being persuaded and calmed down I eventually got myself back to the edge of the platform. However I was still unable to jump. I was probably the most pathetic bungee jumper that day as I had my eyes closed and had to be pushed off the tower as I was still too scared. Nearly $200 later, I’ve learnt my lesson – I don’t like bungee jumping. At least I got a free t-shirt and some funny photos out of it. 

Having completed all these activities marks the end of my east coast trip. I think overall I definitely saved the best things for last and ended the trip on a high note. Now onto the next chapter in Melbourne where it’s time to properly start the job hunt. 

Hope you enjoyed reading this, 

Siobhan x 

Sydney – Day  One 

Hi everyone, some of you may know that I have just flew to Australia to begin six months of work and travel. Technically, this is my second day in the country but I am doing an orientation week through Gap 360 and this is my first day in the country with them. 

So today, our main activity was the Sydney walk. I really underestimated the length of this walk. I wore sandals instead of boots (terrible idea) and now my feet have been in pain all day ever since. 

First we walked through Sydney’s Chinatown which was pretty cool. This is actually quite close to our hostel so wasn’t too long a walk. In the streets surrounding our hostel almost every  restaurant is Asian cuisine, with either a 7/11 or subway to occaisionally separate them. In Chinatown there is a large Chinese market which sells clothes, technology and food for super cheap prices which is recommended for backpackers. I am excited to check this place out at the weekend. Through the Chinatown street there is decorations EVERYWHERE for Chinese New Year. Most shops are either restaurants, bubble tea or gelato – definitely making a trip to the gelato shops because it is just soooo yummy. Unfortunately I did not get any photos here to show you guys. 

Next place we strolled along to was Darling Harbour. This is basically a harbour that is surrounded by restaurants, clubs and bars as it is right next to the CBD it is a popular but very expensive place. Walking about here at probably the hottest time of the day was not too enjoyable, I love the sun I just hate sweating and feeling completely gross. 

After that we walked across the huge bridge you see in the background of the photo to go to Hyde Park. Wow, saying we walked to Hyde Park feels a bit weird to me as there is one in the UK but miles away down in England. Hyde Park in Sydney is beautiful, it looks like a peaceful place to come and relax if you need to escape from the busy atmosphere of the city (even though it’s still in the city centre). There is a beautiful fountain in the middle of the park, pretty bushes of flowers everywhere and St Mary’s Cathederal behind too. 

The botanical gardens aren’t too far away from here either. The gardens were beautiful and I will definitely be coming back along but just perhaps on a more cooler and shadier day. There is little notes all around the place to tell you what each plant is, so if you’re into that it’s kinda cool. There were also little hoses by each plant too, this was just tempting to hose myself down and cool off. 

Last big attraction we went to today was the Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge. By this point in the walk I wasn’t really excited to see these attractions but more just excited to finally stop walking and sit down in the shade. The Opera House is HUGE, quite overwhelming to stand under it and look up. The Harbour Bridge as well was cool, you could see people at the top who did the climb up and I am soooo excited to do that. It seems completely overpriced but it is a one in a lifetime opportunity so the money is worth it. At the side of the Opera House there was also multicoloured chicken statues there, I’m not sure if they are always there or perhaps another decoration for Chinese New Year. 

After the walk I was completely dead and needed to cool down so I thought the best way to do that was to get some passionfruit gelato and a frozen coke. Despite how tiring the walk was it was completely worth it, i still find it a little unbelievable looking at these photos and knowing I was there just a few hours ago. 

So now my first day is over and I can safely say I hope every day travelling is as good as the first. Although I am missing some home comforts, like  not sharing a room with 7 other people and not living out of a suitcase already. 

Hope you enjoyed this post about my day, 

Love Siobhan x