My contraception experience

The joys of hormonal contraceptions is something that most females are going to have to experience at some point in their lives. I was lucky enough to have to start going on the pill at the ripe age of 15, but that only lasted around 18 months before I had to move onto the implant.

I tried multiple different pills as forms of contraception and as an attempt to manage the horrific cramps I got as well. I first went on the pill 5 years ago so I can’t remember if there was any specific side affects except from the fact that the pills gave me horrendous migraines and didn’t help my cramps at all.



There are some key positives from the time I spent on the implant – my period pains and cramps disappeared. I used to have to take combination prescribed pain killers to ease the pain from my cramps on the pill and before, but the implant completely mellowed them.

The change in my mood was gradual on the implant – I’ve always been someone who has struggled with low mood issues so it wasn’t as easy in black and white to tell if the implant negatively affected my mental health. Looking back, I do think it caused my mood swings to worsen and made me in general more short-tempered and irritable.

The most annoying side affect of the implant had to be the fact I more or less had a constant period. For a while I was happy to have got rid of my crippling cramps, but after a while I was fed up of more or less having a constant period. Some months I would bleed for three weeks then not for one, I would go through spells of bleeding for months on end non stop. It was an impossible cycle of irregularity that just became frustrating. Every time when it seemed like it was going back to normal, Mother Nature would hit me  like ‘surprise bitch’ and I would get a period for six months.

After 18 months of irregularity I finally went to the doctors demanding something needed to be done which was the worst decision ever. A lot of my friends had similar issues with the implant and to combat the side affect of constant bleeding, my friends were put on the pill by their doctors. I wasn’t allowed to go on the pill but the doctors offered to put me on a one time use of the depo injection. I accepted this but quickly regretted the decision as I have never felt so out of control of my own body and mind in my life. I didn’t even feel myself at all, I was angry ALL THE TIME. I don’t even mean a little bit grumpy, I mean full on raging angry and would snap at just about anything. I remember going to the doctors to try and beg them to get it all out of my body because I felt so out of control of my own emotions.

As soon as the injection wore off, I immediately felt better – it was a huge relief  that I finally felt like myself again. It was really scary not to feel in control of how I felt.  I more or less decided then I would wait until it was time to get rid of the implant (which was one year away) then go off contraception.


Fast forward a year, and it’s been two weeks since I’ve been off hormonal contraception for the first time since I was 15. That’s been five years –  many pills, an implant and an injection later.

Since coming off the implant, I almost feel lighter if that makes sense? I genuinely feel happier and I think this is definitely the right decision to make for myself right now.

I’ve had my first off the implant period and I can confirm my cramps are back to being horrendous, although not quite as bad as they were when I was 15.

The thought of having to go back to hormonal contraception one day really scares me. I don’t like how negatively it affects my body and my emotions, and it wouldn’t be so bad if I could rely on one which was the lesser of evils.

Right now it’s great for me to have to a contraception break, whether or not I go back on anything in the future is something I would have to really think about. Maybe by the time I will have to reconsider this, there will be some form of birth control for men.

Contraception affects everyone and their bodies differently – it’s not a one size fit all kinda deal. My experiences shouldn’t put anyone off the pill or injection. I know just as many girls who have had amazing experiences on the implant, and just as many who hated every second on it.

Have you had trouble on contraception?

I hope you enjoyed this read,

Siobhan x





SAVE THE PLANET: some small sustainable changes

It’s 2019, there’s no one left who hasn’t heard the cries from the scientists that we only have […]

It’s 2019, there’s no one left who hasn’t heard the cries from the scientists that we only have 10 years left to save the planet. The ice caps are melting and the oceans are over-run with plastic, and we only have until 2030 to save the world before the apocalypse commences.

Not everyone can turn their life around in 24 hours and stop bad habits to become a zero waste, zero plastic living vegan with no carbon footprint. But we all have to start somewhere making small changes.

Swap to bamboo toothbrushes


The main difference between bamboo toothbrushes and regular brushes is the material they’re made with. Regular toothbrushes are made with plastic which takes over 400 years to decompose whilst still releasing toxic chemicals into the environment. A bamboo toothbrush takes around 5-10 years to decompose if you were to just throw it out into your garden. Plastic toothbrushes are cheap and convenient and although that can be alluring, we can’t keep buying things just for our convenience. I recently purchased a set of six bamboo toothbrushes on Amazon for £8, if you’re looking to make a small change – this is something to invest in.

Swap to a moon cup or eco-friendly period products


Something about getting a moon cup does seem ridiculously daunting. I totally get that and have to expose myself here that I don’t even own one so feel free to call me out on some hypocritical bullshit. I’ve been shook however since realising how much plastic just is in period products. Tampons and sanitary pads are estimated to produce over 100 billion waste products every year as well as 80% of single use period products containing synthetic materials and plastics. 


Period poverty is a HUGE issue and I’m not here to write and tell people they must spend their already limited amount of disposable income on cotton tampons or a silicone cup to put in their vagina. BUT, if you are interested in making an eco-friendly change in the period product department, here are some products to look out for – TOTM Organic Cotton Switch Kit, Athena Menstrual Cup, DAME Reusable Tampon Applicator,

If you’re still wondering why it might be important to look into more sustainable products in this department then here we are. It’s because the average women uses around 14,000 tampons in her lifetime resulting in 27, 938 used tampons and applicators are found on world beaches every day. 

Buy biodegradable face wipes

Screen Shot 2019-05-24 at 00.01.44

Face wipes are another easy and convenient way for us all to take our make-up off. Although they have come under scrutiny in recent years as not being the best for our skin, we also need to acknowledge they aren’t the best for the environment either. At one point we were limited to wasteful wipes that take years to decompose in landfills, but today we are left with more options than ever. Keeping in line with the cheap, easy and convenient appeal of face wipes, Simple has solved our problem by creating their range of biodegradable face wipes. For less than £3, shop Simple’s biodegradable wipes at Boots. OR, better yet – invest in some re-useable cotton pads. This is way more sustainable and less wasteful than single use face wipes. Shop re-useable cotton pads here. 

Invest in an eco egg for laundry


I also don’t know if it was just me who was perhaps either very behind on this knowledge or just painfully ignorant to the fact detergents are bad for the environment. According to a How Stuff Works article, since the average family does 300 loads of washing per year using Tesco brand detergent which has a carbon footprint of 1.3-1.9 pounds per load – the carbon footprint of laundry detergents for one year is 480 pounds per year.  This might seem like nothing, but that doesn’t even take into consideration the carbon footprint of even using washing machines or dryers.

Screen Shot 2019-05-24 at 00.03.53

However, when I saw one of the local shops at home was stocking the eco egg product, I had my mum go out and buy one because I was so excited. The Eco Egg provides a replacement to harsh chemically filled laundry detergent whilst being good for the environment and cutting down on plastic by using recyclable materials. The natural cleaning pellets inside the egg work together to lift dirt, stains and smells from clothing.

For £24.99, this product gives you over 700 washes for your machine and can last over 3 years. This just seems mental because imagine spending £25, then not having to buy any washing detergent or anything for three years which actually results in spending less than 4p per wash. You can also buy refills for the egg as well which cuts down on plastic waste too.

Pay attention to which shops offer recycling schemes

Recycling is something we should all be doing but it goes far beyond putting our tins and plastic bottles into the blue bin once a week.


Lush have had a recycling scheme for as long as I can remember, and probably long before that. In the wake of the sustainable beauty and fashion revolution this is something consumers are more interested in now. Lush operates a 5 pot program where it encourages customers to save up their empty pots, bring 5 of them back in and you get a free face mask. This is a great way to 1) help the planet, 2) save some dolla on face masks.

The Body Shop have recently brought back their recycling scheme by popular demand, ‘Return, Recycle, Repeat’ is an initiative in partnership with Plastics For Change. Once you bring in 5 items for recycling, you get a £5 voucher for your next purchase.

H&M have had a clothing recycling scheme across all of their stores globally since 2013. This programme prevents all clothing donated from going into landfills around the world. Clothing that is suitable to be worn again gets used second hand, if there’s clothing donated that can’t be worn it is recycled into textile fibres and used for new materials.

I’ve tried to think of some small lifestyle changes that could make quite a potentially big difference in the long run. Most people are aware of the situation our planet is in right now, but perhaps don’t know how to make changes to help.

I think people are a bit sick of hearing about plastic straws and coffee cups too so I’ve picked some different products to raise awareness of.

If you’re looking on more tips on how to cut down specifically on plastic, check out my other blog post dedicated to that. A website that has recently come to my attention is Plastic Freedom, this site has literally every product you could ever need in adapting to a plastic free life. It’s a super difficult thing to transition into but this website certainly helps along the way.

Is there any ways you’re making changes for sustainability that I missed? Let me know in the comments.

Hope you enjoyed the read,

Siobhan x


The F Word – Lilly Pebbles Review

I’m starting off the new year by writing my first blog post on the last book I read in 2018. Upon finishing this novel, I felt like I really enjoyed it but thinking back I think I just enjoyed the simplicity of this easygoing book.

The F Word by Lilly Pebbles is a very wholesome book describing the many types of friendships she’s had throughout her life highlighting the good and bad parts of friendships.

I’m not going to lie, I wasn’t followed Lilly or aware she was a blogger before reading this book. My favourite blogger, Hannah Gale posted a photo of it on Instagram and I bought it because I liked the look of it.

I was hugely pleasantly relieved when I read the back to see it was about friendship, because I hadn’t read anything like this before. It is such an interesting topic that could have had a book with such amazing depth covering it.

When I first started the book and Pebbles was discussing her long standing friendships with the girls she was friends with when she was 4, I didn’t think I could read on. I had to take a break from the book and think, “is this for me?” purely because it just made me sad thinking of all the friendships I had when I was younger that have fizzled out.

Friendships fizzle out all the time, and thinking back to when I originally read those pages, I was most likely just having a super emotional time. I can now say after completing the book it made me think back to all of my friendships, new and old, with fond, warm memories which is always a nice feeling.

The book offers a lot of advice about how to handle situations within friendships. The photo above which gives advice on how to handle friendships whilst either being single or in a relationship. This could potentially be useful to younger readers who maybe need advice on situations like this, but not adults as we have all likely navigated our way through situations like this before.

Overall, I’m not gonna say this book is a must-read because your life could probably continue to function if you didn’t, however, it was fun and nice to read. This is a book I would read on a Sunday afternoon with a cup of tea purely because it’s nice and not serious. It’s not hugely serious and doesn’t take a lot of effort to get on board with which I think is something the author was perhaps going for.

There has been a lot of mixed reviews on this book, some loving it whilst other disappointed fans of Lilly Pebbles were not impressed. I had no expectations coming into this which is perhaps why I’m left with a more positive impression of this. Despite my enjoyment, I would like to add this book is definitely for a primarily younger audience of teenagers and young adults who would probably appreciate the content more. It’s slightly insulting to assume women in their late 20s and thirties don’t know how to act around their single and non-single friends.

I can understand why fans would be genuinely disappointed by this book, as it has such an exciting premise (to me, anyway) because I really didn’t feel any wiser or better after reading it.

I don’t really like leaving negative reviews on things, but honesty is always the most important thing.

Have you read this book? What was your thoughts?

Siobhan x

Collaboration with Case App

This is a super exciting post to write because this is the first time I have EVER collaborated with a brand for content.

As you can tell by the title I have been working with Case App for this collab where I received a personalised iPhone case and a personalised laptop skin.

I was so pleased when Caseapp reached out to me to create and review a custom phone case and laptop skin. I recently got a Mac so this was perfect timing.

The process for this is really simple and customisation is easy. Once you are on the Caseapp website, you just select whether you want to design a laptop skin or phone case then select the model of the item then use the drag and drop tool.

Phone cases start at £19 for a glossy case or £22 for a matte case, laptop skins are also £22. For me I thought this was a little bit pricey but when the products arrived I was SO impressed by the quality. I opted for the matte phone case and it is a really tough hard plastic. You can tell the Case is sturdy and well made but also has a really nice feel to it too. I am also really impressed with the quality of the laptop sticker too. It was a thicker type of sticker which is goods it made it easier to put on.

Here are the patterns I picked for my case and skin. I have to say the phone case is my favourite of the two, I love it so much and am so impressed by it.

I absolutely love this sticker as well. The colours from the photo came out so well and have resulted in such a nice summery pattern.

If you are interested in ordering your own phone case or laptop skin, go to and use the code FOREVERSIOBHAN20 for a nice 20% discount.

Siobhan x

*disclaimer: these products were sent to me for the purpose of reviewing but all opinions are honest and my own.

Personal Growth

I’ve never really been a shy person or anything like that but recently I’ve been doing some soul searching and have noticed I’ve really changed. I always thought when I was around 16 that I knew exactly who I was and what I wanted to do (I still wanted to study journalism and now I do so I guess that’s something?). I wasn’t the most pleasant person really which I would like to blame on hormones but I think I was also just a bit of a bitch too.

I really didn’t like many people growing up which I stand by to a certain degree because I live in a really small place so you’re obviously not going to like everyone. However, I think a lot of my dislike for others stemmed from myself not really fitting in with anyone. I did have friends throughout school but never really felt like they were 100% my sort of people, you know? I guess it just made me bitter which is a shame to think back on.

I really began to notice a difference in myself once I returned home from Bali a few weeks ago but I think since moving away from home last September is where I really started to grow as a person. Throughout school I had a lot of resentment and bitterness towards other people which maybe through no fault of their own I held onto. I always felt really held back and restricted in my small home town and slowly after moving away I started becoming more like the real me than this watered down version I was at home.

I still love the little village where I come from as it will always be my home but perhaps one of the biggest factors of me being bitter was the constant gossip and small town syndrome that carries on there. Everyone feels entitled to know everyones business just because you know them. Things that are literally none of anybody else’s business become public knowledge for everyone to discuss. I immediately noticed a difference after moving away because nobody cares what happened to you in second year or how many boys you kissed because they realise its none of their business.

The biggest difference I can see within myself is my focus on positivity which has made me an undoubtedly happier person. I used to hold grudges forever and claim i’d take them to the grave but holding onto negative energy like that just isn’t necessary and doesn’t bring me joy. I’ve really been trying to practise a lot of forgiveness lately for my own benefit. Instead of being mad and holding grudges against people who have wronged me in the last year or two years ago or whenever just to forgive and let the anger go.

It’s easy now to sit back and think about the previous aspects of my life and personality which made me unhappy now I feel I’ve removed myself from them. I feel more confident, more self assured and so so much happier with the way my life is and the people I have around me and the things I am achieving.

Recently Reading

One of my New Years resolutions for 2018 was to read a book per month and so far so good, I am succeeding.

Like many people I fell out of love with reading over the years but now I am getting back into it and really starting to appreciate the feeling of getting lost in a book once again.

I haven’t yet read as much as I would want too as I currently have a full shelf of unread books and more to get through but I am making a start.

Let’s start by discussing my most recent read and by far one of my favourite stories of all time.

The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie 

This book just reminds me of high school in the most positive way possible. My drama class studied the play of The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie for our higher exam and I can recall everyone in the class practically being able to quote the play word for word. The book is about an eccentric, romantic and free spirited Edinburgh teacher Jean Brodie and her special group of girls, the “creme de la creme”. Miss Brodie preaches “give me a girl at an impressionable age, and she is mine for life.” it is this exact reason which brings her downfall in her school, Marcia Blane. This is one of my favourite stories and will stay this way for a very long time as it is close to my heart and reminds me of such happy times, as well as being an excellent and well-written read.

Girl Boss 

I was originally going to dedicate a whole blog post to discussing this book but I decided against it as I am probably one of the last people to get round to reading it. Overall, I did really enjoy reading the book as I found it fairly amusing and entertaining. However, as many people note I would not buy this book if you are looking into getting good advice and insight into starting a business. It is like half memoir and half business guide but without the good advice. Girlboss tells the story of Nasty Gal founder Sophia Amoruso who went from making sandwiches at Subway, being a petty thief to selling vintage clothes on eBay and turning that into a $100 million business. Impressive, right? I LOVE the illustrations in this book and it is refreshingly honest and funny too about Amoruso’s journey to where she is today.

The Woman In Black 

This book was a birthday gift from my flat mate for my birthday. I’m not going to lie this was the first book I read this year and that was because it got right to the end of January and I hadn’t yet started another book, let alone finished one and I didn’t want to fail my New Years resolution in the first month. I saw the film for this already when it first came out so I went into this book knowing the storyline. The book is reasonably short but still manages to pack a punch with all the creepy details it entails. The book has all the elements of a perfect ghost story – tragic back story, ghost seeking revenge, bad stormy weather and a creepy old house.

The Sun and Her Flowers

I am probably going to write a more in depth review of this book later on as I did with Milk and Honey but I want to mention this in here anyway. I was such a big fan of Milk and Honey so naturally when this came out last year I was super excited, this was a birthday present from my mum. This book is a safe haven for those who are hurting and want to nurture themselves. The book has an enticing table of contents, like a flower cycle: wilting, falling, rooting, rising, and blooming. The Wilting section contains poetry relating to the early stages of a break up and how the person wants to get in touch with themselves again. Falling is the downfall containing poetry describing feelings of loneliness and depression. Rooting has poetry relating to the process of regaining strength and self love as the soul re-energizes itself. Rising details how the person rises from the ground and moves on and leaves toxicity behind. Blooming is the last chapter in which the person realises that they need to put themselves first and take care of their own happiness.

These are my four recent reads, as well as the pile of magazines I now have to get through. My gran has been posting magazines like Cosmopolitan and Marie Claire down to me in Glasgow as she knows I like them, how cute is that? Let me know what you’ve been reading and if you have any thoughts on the books I’ve mentioned. Hope you enjoyed reading,

Siobhan x

Vegan Heaven in Glasgow

Hi everyone, something a bit different is coming on the blog today. Since moving to Glasgow I have become such a foodie. I love eating out and cooking different types of food so much. I even wrote my university blog on vegan food in Glasgow.

As mentioned in some previous blog posts I follow a vegan diet and this year is coming up my 4th year of being vegan. I don’t normally write about restaurants on this blog but I’m making an exception for my all time favourite place, Mono Cafe Bar.

Mono is located in the heart of Merchant City in Glasgow next to some vintage clothes shop. Mono is also home to a record shop, Monorail Music inside their restaurant and is partial to having some gigs held their too.

My first visit to this restaurant was last September and I remember walking around the streets for half an hour getting lost trying to find this place.

My last visit to Mono was last weekend where I was left amazed once again. I visited here with my mum and gran for Mother’s Day.

Mono is a fully vegan restaurant but this doesn’t mean only vegans eat there. The food is amazing and doesn’t require any animal products to be that good.

There is an extensive list of hot, cold, alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks at Mono, however I stick to the classic Old Mout Cider.

Last weekend I ordered artichoke fritters, Mac and cheese and a chocolate fudge banana split. The artichoke fritters were amazing – the batter was crispy and not greasy which complimented the soft artichoke amazingly. There was also vegan tartar sauce which I thought I’d hate but paired with this dish was amazing. Unfortunately I didn’t manage to get any photos of this.

I’ve had the mac and cheese here before and I am always left amazed. When I went vegan I thought that was me giving up Mac and cheese but Mono have managed to create a vegan version of my favourite dish. I got chips and salad with this as well because it feels wrong to have Mac and cheese with anything else.

The desert in the photo above is a classic favourite of mine from a young age. I used to cry for banana split’s whenever I would go out for food with my mum and dad when I was younger. My love for them still stands now. The ice cream is delicious but the real highlight of this is the fudge sauce. I could literally take a straw to a bowl of it and just drink it, it’s that good.

Mono has a seriously relaxed vibe with mix and match chairs and a serious of gig posters all over the walls. Another wall next to the stage features silver brew bats reminding me of Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory for some reason.

This is a restaurant to be enjoyed by meat eaters and vegans alike because the lack of animal products doesn’t take away from the delicious food.

20 Things I Want To Do Before I Turned 20

Hi everyone. I’ve been trying to think of a list of things I wanted to achieve before I was 20 for the past four months since my birthday. It’s a lot harder than it looks I just want to add.

I was totally dreading turning 19 for some reason and my logic is in creating this list it will make turning 20 a little bit less painful. I don’t know why because I love my birthday and always have a great day every year but I always get the fear about growing old.

I’ve created this list of big and small things I want to do, some things I probably won’t achieve but some things I already know are happening later in this year.

1) Get another tattoo.

2) Travel to 2/3 more countries.

3) Find a form of exercise I enjoy.

4) Improve my photography.

5) Find a job in Glasgow.

6) Read 5 books.

7) Save £1,000.

8) Visit Achmelvich beach.

9) Start trying to learn a foreign language.

10) Make a scrapbook.

11) Go ice skating.

12) Get another piercing.

13) Fill my photo album.

14) Visit Smoo Cave.

15) Pass first year at uni.

16) Go on holiday for my birthday.

17) Learn to meditate.

18) Go to another gig.

19) Learn to budget and stick to it.

20) Get a proper camera. 

I love being optimistic and although I think some of things will be a stretch for myself for whatever reason I am so excited to try and get all these things done.

Hope you enjoyed this post, have any of you made lists like this coming up to your birthday?

Siobhan x

Blogging Goals 2018

Hi everyone, I’m determined this is gonna be the year where I really start to make my blog mine and totally own it. I want to get back to posting regular, great content and become more involved in the blogging community.

I’m gonna stop setting myself monthly goals for my blog every month because I just don’t seem to have the time to follow through and complete them. I’ve literally had the same blogging goals for the past however many months now. I’m going to make a list of goals for the whole year, then re-evaluate in June to see how I’m getting on.

I totally suck at growing my followings on accounts. I spent so much of my time this summer using Facebook groups to help grow my accounts following and they were so helpful but I just cannot find the time.

1) Increase blog following to 500. 

This is just over double the followers I have right now and I believe this is achievable to double my follow count in a year. I know it’s not all about the number of followers you have but it is a nice feeling to see your following grow.

2) Post at least twice a month. 

I think this is a realistic goal to give myself and I am confident I will manage to post twice a month most months. I hate not posting regularly on my blog.

3) Improve photo/content quality.

I can see a difference in my blog photography from when I first started blogging which is quite encouraging. I know my photos are nowhere near to the standard that I want so this is definitely something I want to improve on in 2018. I want to branch out and do more lifestyle content as well this year. I just struggle thinking of new ideas and putting my spin on things to make it original and interesting.

4) More travel and lifestyle posts

This blog is primarily a beauty blog but I have a lot of exciting road trips and travel plans for later this year I can’t wait to post about. I’m hoping to write a couple fashion posts as well but I am totally awkward in front of a camera so maybe if I get over that fear I will branch out and cover some fashion stuff too.

These are my four main blogging goals for 2018. I can’t wait to prioritise blogging again and get back into posting regularly. I don’t want this to ever feel like a chore but time management is not one of my strong points.

Hope you all enjoyed reading this post, I’d love to hear about your blogging goals for this year too.

Siobhan x

New Years Resolutions 2018

I make new years resolutions every year, most of the time they don’t stick but it’s worth a shot right?

I made another post about this last year for my 2017 resolutions which you can read here if you’re interested. I mentioned in this post that I wanted to be able to look back on this year and be proud of things I have accomplished and I really am proud of myself. Super cringey, I know.

I think this year I’ve really grown up a lot as a person and I’m a lot more sure of myself than I was at the beginning of 2017. I’m not gonna talk crap and say how I’m a totally different person because I’m not. I’m a lot more confident and happier with myself which is a good achievement.

Find a new hobby:

I know blogging counts as a hobby but I want to do something else with my time too. I’m leaning towards starting scrap booking or photography because I think I would have a lot of fun with that and be creative with it. I’m less inclined to attempt to take up a sport or musical instrument as a hobby because I just don’t think I will enjoy it a lot.

Travel as much as possible:

I think I’ve mentioned in a previous blog post about my trips to Bali and Sri Lanka this year so that is some pretty big travel plans. There are loads of little road trips I want to do at home in the Highlands as well, so when I say travel I don’t mean it necessarily has to be across the globe. I would like to explore my own country a bit more too.

Join the gym:

I think that is the famous last words of many people coming into the new year. I’ve been determined to join the gym at my uni but I was too poor for a good few months. When I did have the money, it was December and I was about to go on a 6 week holiday from the uni so it seemed pointless to start paying for it then. I really want to find a type of exercise I really enjoy and don’t totally hate. Also want to get into a better shape by the time my holidays come around.

Save as much money as possible:

Not gonna lie I have been pretty careless with my money at uni – always spending too much on going out for food and doing far too much shopping. I’m gonna create a budget plan for myself to try and stick to and also hopefully find a job down in Glasgow too. Nobody likes being skint so I’m going to try and be a bit more sensible this year.

Read a book per month:

Towards the end of 2017 I was getting into a better habit of this by reading a little bit of one of my books every day. I have shelves full of unread books in my room and I want to start making my way through them. I think setting myself this target of one book per month will be a really helpful way of getting back into reading and enjoying it more. I feel like when you get reading that you hate at uni it really puts you off reading for fun too.

Eat my 5 a day:

I used to be really good at this and eating super healthy. However now I’m definitely not. This year I really want to take better care of myself through exercising and eating better. Having 5 different fruits/veggies a day is a good little goal to encourage myself to eat better.

So these are my new year resolutions for 2018 and I hope I can stick to them. I’ve tried to keep them quite basic and vague so they are achievable rather than have some ridiculous goal. What’s your new years resolutions? Hope you enjoyed reading this post.

Siobhan x

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