5 Ways to Easily Reduce Plastic Waste

I have always tried to be as environmentally cautious as possible for as long as I can remember. There is an increasing amount of awareness about just how damaging plastic is for our environment and eco system.

Plastic is around in our daily lives and it seems like such a huge daunting thing trying to get rid of plastic from our lives. I imagine many people want to reduce plastic consumption, but maybe don’t know how to go about it.

This post is just going to be detailing the smallest changes we can possibly make to reduce our own plastic consumption.

  1. Use metal, paper or bio degradable straws.

I recently made the switch and purchased some biodegradable straws for my flat and to take out with me. This is something a lot of restaurants are getting involved with like Wetherspoons who have opted for paper straws and Nando’s who have now eliminated straws unless people request them I believe. Buying metal straws is the most economic option as they are re-usable so would be a one time purchase. You can get paper, metal and biodegradable straws all from Amazon for under £5.

2) Carry re-usable cups around.

One thing I am guilty of is forgetting to bring my reusable cup with me to Starbucks when I occasionally go. However, I do remember to fill up my water bottle in the morning and take that with me most days. Carrying things like reusable coffee cups (most brands paper ones aren’t recyclable) and water bottles would make a huge as in the UK around 35 million plastic bottles get thrown away every year. This is also a money saver too, lots of coffee chains now do discounts if you bring your own cup as well as saving money on bottled water.

3) Carry reusable shopping bags.

Again something I was hugely guilty of was not doing this until last September when I moved to Glasgow. This is another money saving idea too; most plastic bags are either now 5p or 10p but it soon builds up if you have to keep purchasing them too. I got an amazing reusable bag from Primark for £1 that fits so much in it its unbelievable and I carry it everywhere now.

4) Avoid buying foods with excess food packaging.

I know this isn’t an option for everyone as we all have different circumstances and reason why we buy certain things packaged this way. This is just a tip for when it isn’t necessary to buy foods wrapped in plastic, don’t. In supermarkets this is hard to avoid as many things have plastic wrapped around it but even just buying loose fruit and veg makes a difference.

5) Try naked toiletries.

This is something Lush has been experimenting with creating things like naked shower gels and soaps as well as wrapping products in paper instead of plastic. I have always admired Lush as a brand for their ethos of being as environmentally friendly as possible as well as their recycling scheme they have going on in store.

These are the five tips I could think of that would have the least impact on everyones day to day lives. I am trying to live by these steps as well as plastic consumption and waste is a huge worry of mine but even still I don’t live by these rules completely. I just try to do the best I can.

Do any of you try to cut down on plastic? What methods do you use?

Siobhan x


2 thoughts on “5 Ways to Easily Reduce Plastic Waste”

  1. I always recycle everything I possible can, and now find I have twice as much in my recycle wheely bin than my rubbish one. if food companies used the same cardboard packaging for fruit and veg as what is used for eggs that would make a huge difference to the average households use of plastic. I also feel its is totally unnecessary for certain fruits to be packaged in plastic then finished off with a nylon type of netting, surely one wrapper would suffice .

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