My Favourite Cruelty Free Brands

Hi everyone, hope you are all great.

Many people who have been keeping up with this blog will know I recently re-vamped my beauty collection to make it all cruelty free. I have been following a plant based diet for nearly 3 years now and along the way became lazy in checking what brands test on animals and which do not.  There is no excuse for buying products tested on animals when there are so many amazing cruelty free brands. This post isn’t to shame anyone on the brands they use and buy, but to share that there is so many amazing cruelty ree alternatives out there.

  1. The Body Shop

This will come to no surprise to anyone who even glances at this blog that I love The Body Shop. Every second post is practically about something from there. This is one of the highest profile cruelty free brands about. The Body Shop have an amazing range of products, many of which are vegan but all of them are vegetarian. The Body Shop has also been sold by L’Oreal to another cruelty free company, so those people who avoided the brand so they weren’t giving money to L’Oreal can now rejoice.

2) Lush

Nobody can argue that the absolutely divine smell that comes from the Lush shop as you walk past doesn’t lure you in. I am particularly a fan of any Lush bath bomb and anything from the Snow Fairy range. Lush products are 100% vegetarian, some of them are vegan too. As well as The Body Shop, Lush also run a campaign towards ending the testing on animals for cosmetics.

3) Faith In Nature

This wasn’t a brand I had heard much about until the first Christmas I was vegan, my mum, gran, dad and stepmum had all bombarded me with presents from there. I am a huge fan of their Hemp shampoo and conditioner, as well as their coconut handcream which I wrote about in my July Favourites post. Faith In Nature’s products range from hair care, shower and bath products, hand wash and soap, skin care, baby care and home care.

4) NYX Cosmetics

NYX is a hugely popular cruelty free beauty brand. Many of their products are vegan but none of them are tested on animals which is a huge boost. This brand is sold in many drugstores around the UK with a very reasonable price tag. NYX also offers vegan false lashes, a couple of synthetic makeup brushes, and a couple vegan-friendly tools.

These are all four of my favourite cruelty free brands. I wanted to include more in this list but I picked the brands I have been using the longest and tried the most products from to give the best feedback.

This post is part of a collab with Courtney from The Curly Anomaly, we both follow a plant based diet and wanted to spread some information. I picked these brands as I think they have the best selection of vegan products as well for those who are interested in cruelty free beauty. If any of you are interested in adopting the vegan diet then Courtney has written a great, informative article here –

Hope you all enjoyed this post. If I missed out any great cruelty free brands please let me know in the comments.

Siobhan x


13 thoughts on “My Favourite Cruelty Free Brands”

  1. This post is a good idea for anyone wanting to start going cruelty free! I love the body shop & NYX so much! I’ve never tried Lush that much as I’m allergic to shea butter (which is in most products) and it’s a nightmare trying to find ones that do and don’t have it in. I might have to go and purchase something though!
    Liz x


  2. I love Faith In Nature and The Body Shop. I haven’t yet bought anything from Lush – I think I must be the only blogger that hasn’t haha, I’m just waiting until I happen to pass a really big lush store one day, as the one closest to me is quite small, and make it a great first experience.


  3. I love faith in nature and the body shop. I haven’t yet bought anything from Lush, I must be the only blogger that hasn’t aha. I know I’ll want to buy everything in there though so I’m waiting until I have enough money to just splurge.

    Beth |


  4. I wish I could commit to cruelty free brands like you, but I’m such a sucker! However, I love the Lush products – fairy dust is amazing!! hahaha I do use their face and hair products so that’s something. NYX is another fav of mine.


  5. The body shop is one of my favourite brands too! I absolutely love all their products. The same for NYX, their products are so affordable, amazing quality and I love that their cruelty free!
    PaleGirlRambling xo


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