June Favourites

Hi everyone, I’m not gonna say that I can’t believe it’s July because I can. This year is passing crazy quick and it will be August before we know it. Even though I’m not in school and I work full-time, now that the school holidays have began I feel as though it is finally officially summer. I can’t wait to share all my favourite things from this month with you guys. 

Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette 

Let’s start off this list with one of my favourite buys from the whole of 2017. I gave this palette a glowing review on my blog back in January or February of this year, and I am still obsessed. I go through phases with my eyeshadow palettes and use a certain one non stop for a few weeks, this is the one I am currently obsessing with. The amazing quality, high pigmentation and range of shades makes it perfect for every day use and going out make up.
The Body Shop Vitamin E Cream Cleanser

Everyone knows how much I love The Body Shop this product is no exception. This is a light and creamy facial cleanser designed to remove make up and leave your skin feeling silky smooth and clean, which it certainly does. This product doesn’t have the nicest smell but it is such a gentle cleanser on the skin and I use this daily.

Instax Mini 8 Instant Camera

I have been obsessed with this camera since the moment I got it. I LOVE capturing moments with this. I’m trying to get into the habit of taking it everywhere I go with me, or at least everywhere when I do exciting things. Recently, I bought loads of new film for it including black and white film, blue edged film, polka dot edged film. This just makes it all look a bit more colourful and interesting in my photo album.

Alexa Chung – IT

I adore this book. It is a sort of scrapbook journal that Alexa Chung has written filled with doodles and photos from throughout her life. She discusses her style icons such as Winona Ryder and Mick Jagger, gives helpful suggestions on make up and heartbreak too. It is refreshingly witty and down to earth. It’s a pleasant read.

The Body Shop Fuji Green Tea Body Butter

I have had this moisturiser for so long but I still love it. It makes my skin sooo smooth and I adore the smell of it too. My favourite thing about this is that it doesn’t leave my skin feel that sticky way when a moisturiser hasn’t quite sunk into your skin yet. This is the perfect moisturiser for summer as it smells refreshing and crisp and leaves your skin feeling soft as anything.

That’s all my favourites from this month. Hope you all enjoyed reading this post, I would love to hear your thoughts on any of the items I’ve mentioned.

Siobhan x


17 thoughts on “June Favourites”

  1. I have heard so many good things about the Renaissance palette! I love the shades. I feel like you could create some really nice 90’s looks with it. & I am so jealous of the polaroids you have from the Instax camera!! They looks so cute!

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  2. Thanks for sharing! I recently got a Tea Tree set from The Body Shop, and I like it so I definitely want to try more of their products. That cream cleanser looks nice. I’m really obsessed with that camera! Not only is it small and cute, but I love instant film cameras.

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